Time – Angenita Williams-Childs

I’m not the greatest when it comes to time management, although I try really hard to stay on top of things. My main issue is that I procrastinate. It seems that when I try to do something and my mind isn’t totally ready, it’s not my best work. I have to redo it. But when I’m mentally ready to do it, I take it and run. *Mental note – get mentally ready sooner than later.*

I took a moment to break down what I do in the course of a week.

*Disclaimer – All times are approximate, except for being a mommy, work and laundry.*

Out of the 168 hours in a week (Sunday 12:00 am – Saturday 11:59 pm) I spend;
168 hours being mommy (multitasking at its best)
40 hours working
4 hours travelling to work
8 hours cooking
3.5 hours showering
3.5 hours getting dressed
2 hours shopping
2.5 hours doing laundry
4 hours cleaning
9 hours watching TV (usually while I’m writing, so I’m really not watching TV)
12 hours editing (this is not every week)
9 hours writing (usually while I’m watching TV…if you can call it watching TV)
14 hours talking on the phone (this is also done while doing other tasks)
56 hours sleeping (Recommended – not my real amount of sleep)
7 hours eating (also can be done with something else)
And 14 hours on social media.

That adds up to 356.5 occupied hours per week. I’m in the negative 188.5 hours!

*Disclaimer – some items are multitasking items, therefore, there must be a formula to figure out more approximate time spent.  However, I do not have that formula.*

There really does need to be more time in the day. This 24-hour thing is not enough.

*Welp, there goes  .5 hours of my writing time. Got 8.5 more to do.*


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