If My Body Is This Out Of Shape, I Wonder What My Mind & Spirit Are…

If My Body Is This Out Of Shape, I Wonder What My Mind & Spirit Are…

Last week I started working out with my personal trainer. I haven’t worked out in forever. When I was younger I never HAD to ‘work out’. I was always active and always dancing. Now that I’m older 🙂 and a mother of three…it’s apparent that working out is a MUST.

I could tell that I had picked up some weight. For the most part I didn’t mind the new found ‘thickness.’ I was always super skinny without a curve or anything, but now when I look in the mirror (please don’t take offense) my nice thickness is borderline fat. Yeah and that ain’t cute to me.

So I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. Now most people do this for the New Year and by April or May they fall back into their old ways. I’m not saying that I’m turning into a fit guru by any means, but I will make it my business to keep my physical health up.

Tasks that my trainer asked me to do looked so simple, they USED to be simple. Now they are extremely hard. My legs felt like they were going to collapse from under me…well that was when I could feel them, after a while I couldn’t feel them. It was apparent to me that even though I’m far from being extremely over weight, I was still not in shape! So now my new goal is to not just drop thirty pounds, but to build up my muscles and endurance.

Day 1 of my personal training had me feeling like a total failure. I was so mad at myself for my body not being able to do what I wanted it to do. I could only imagine the struggle of others who have already lost far more weight than I need to. If I’m struggling this hard, how hard was their struggle?

All of this got me to thinking, if my body is THIS out of wack then how sharp is my mind and my spirit? So on top of fine tuning my physical body, I’ll be looking for ways to exercise my mind and spirit as well. I used to make it a point to be on top of my game in every aspect, and somehow, I’ve lost track of that. But as the good ole’ saying goes, “When you know better, you do better.” Now I know and, I accept the challenge. #LEGGO!


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  1. Tai on

    Love this! And you have made me stop & take stock of my mind & spirit as well. There is something that I have always wanted to do but I have never really had faith in myself. As well as my body, I too will be working on getting my mind & spirit in line. Thanks Delina!

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