Do You Think That God Is Talking To You All Of The Time? by Shawn ‘Miami’ Brooker

New Year is the time when you say, “Happy New Year!” to family, friends, and strangers. Sometimes you will say a little bit more, not know how it is going to effect someone.

When I was growing up, you had to pick up a phone and call someone and say Happy New Year. Now you can texts or Facebook anything you want to say. I’m not a Facebook junky like some people that I know and love; but this New Year I wanted to personally Facebook people and talk to them about having faith going in to the new year because it’s a quick and easy way to say something to friends that you probably would not see at all.

I was not ready for some of the responses that I received back. There was one response that stood out to me. A former classmate said she was flabbergasted, and asked if the Lord told me to tell her something. Was she surprised at what I said or she was taken by my words because she heard this before? I hoped she was taken by my words. My response to her was, “I just delivered the message. It’s up to you to use it.”
I believe God was telling her something though my message. God’s message is not always going to come in a bible verse, someone in church, a Godly person, or your pastor. I believe God uses all of us, good and bad to get His words to you. It’s up to your faith in God for you to get the message to help you though life. I don’t pretend I know what I’m talking about, but my faith in God helps me get though things when I don’t understand.

I believe God was talking to me doing the period when I was trying to get in the entertainment world. I had a business meeting with a man who was well known behind the music scene. I had hung out with him a few times to see him at work. I got more then I bargained for. Let just say his entertainment business was music, call service, escort, etc. Get the picture? But that’s another story. He had long money, as they say in the south. Four houses, very beautiful women all over Atlanta, five cars. One of the cars was a supercharged Benz. He paid over hundred thousand dollars for it, and it was not out on the market. I was in Atlanta hanging out with a man that had it all. This is the business, the life in ATL with beautiful women and the baddest night clubs and strip clubs. I was beginning to be caught up with the night life.
Back to the meeting; the meeting was in downtown Atlanta during lunch time at one of Atlanta’s finest restaurants. What was so profound about this lunch was that he stopped everything to pray hard and long before we ate. Everything I saw this man do was running through my mind and nothing was good about how he was living. I was thinking to myself, “Why is this man praying? God is not going to bless him at all.”  I’m not saying that he couldn’t be blessed. I’m saying he needed to do right by people to be blessed. To see the positive in this, I realized that God was talking to me, I just didn’t know it at the time. I knew that if I kept doing what we were doing praying would not be on my list. You don’t pray for the bad things you’re doing to go good. I made it up in my mind, “I love my God too much to live like this.”  Something was always keeping me from doing things that weren’t right. To look back on this God was talking to me. Do I get it all the time? No. But I do get that God talks to us all the time.


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  1. crystal on

    Very good brother, yes I’m sure God talks to us all the time, but do we always hear,listen, or act on His word is the thing.

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