Respect Our President Barack Obama by Delina Hill-Brooker

Luke 12:48 … Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.

If I ever had any doubts that WE put the right man in office, it is defiantly confirmed now. WE DID!!! Mr. President Barack Obama, you have my vote and my support. Now I’ll admit. I was sooooooooooooooo excited when he announced that he was running for office. I had never heard of him before, but hey, he seemed like a respectable BLACK man. (Yep, the fact that he is black was cool points right off the bat.) But then I was torn, Hillary Clinton was running for President too. Hmmmm now we could have the first RECOGNIZED black President in office or the first woman President. Decisions, decisions, decisions. What to do? Well as the race went on it became obvious and I paid more attention to the different candidates than I ever did before, but there was something special about Barack Obama. It no longer had anything to do with the fact that he was black. He had outstanding class, it was clear that he loved God, his wife and children, AND he had action plans for all of the issues that America was faced with. All of that is great and good and you can really find those great qualities in any human being…(except the other politicians – JOKE). What took the cake for me is the way he dealt with the criticism even from Hillary Clinton who said that he was good enough to be Vice President, but not the President. Hmmmm, but I learned in school that if something happens to the President, the Vice President steps right in, but ok. He was PUBLICALLY called a liar by the Republican of South Carolina, Senator Wilson, The Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer pointed her finger in his face. She later stated that she wasn’t being disrespectful and that she always talks with her hands. Um, Ms. Brewer BODY LANGUAGE DOES NOT LIE. Even last week, he was ordered to appear in a Georgia court because they are still saying that he was not born in America. Didn’t we already go through that? Do they REALLY think that he would have been able to run for President if he weren’t American? C’mon son! A lot of people in the news and political arena STILL call him Barack Obama instead of President Obama. If it were any other President, all of this would not have gone down, especially for this long. We SHOULD respect ALL people, Republican, Democrat, black, white…the list goes on. Everyone should be treated with respect.

There has always been the battle between parties, I get that. There’s always been mud slung, and scandals uncovered for the opposing party to win, it seems to me that the (I won’t say ALL Republicans), but the Anti-Obama’s have taken this to a whole new level. Did I mention that they have YET to find some REAL dirt on him?

Yet OUR President doesn’t let them get to him. I’m sure he and Michelle and his advisors talk about it behind closed doors, but the enemy never sees him falter. He doesn’t lash back out at them; he simply stands his grounds and states the facts. Which at the end of the day; shows the world that, the truth is the truth. They can get mad and say whatever they want, but the truth and the righteous ALWAYS come out on top.

I am forever grateful to Mr. President Barack Obama, for his charisma, boldness, tact, leadership, and indisputable bravery and tenacity. He is not only a role model for the black boys, but for everyone. There is a PROPER way to handle everything. It is ok to agree to disagree, yet work together for the common good.  All of this mess was passed down to him. We are ALL at fault for either voting the wrong people in office or by not voting at all. He has shown us all how to conduct ourselves accordingly in politics and in life.

Round of applause, hats off to you, Kudos, hugs and kisses to you Mr. President! You’ll have my support and vote again. Keep doing what you are doing, don’t let them steer you off your path. To the first family, continue to stay strong, it is not easy to sit back, watch and hear someone disrespecting your loved one. Thank you all for being such wonderful role models!


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  1. shar on

    Well said. As my mother said (a card carrying member of the Republican party)..”what happened to the practice of r

  2. shar on

    Well said! As my mother (a card carrying member of the republican party) recently said….”What happened to the practice of respecting the President? You don’t have to agree with every platform…but realistically, how many times in your life have you agreed with everything someone said or did? Probably never. But, as the President of the US, he deserves the respect of the people.” It bothers her that he does not receive the respect due him. It may be a little old school, but certainly holds merit. Personally, as a Libertarian, my choice is always limited. I am one of those “swing voters” they refer to as non-commital. But I make an educated choice on the candidate I choose. I vote across party lines as i vote on the person I feel will best accomplish the task. I voted for Obama. And I stand by my choice and my president. I also kind of voted for his wife. A good “look under the hood” begins with a deep dive into the family of the candidate. Michelle is a strong, educated woman who puts her family first. Taking on a nation of fast food addicts & trying to teach alternatives for healthy life styles shows me her priorities are in line with the needs of our nation’s youth. We love our happy meals…. the current “First Family” is honestly the FIRST FAMILY i could relate to. A young, 2 income family trying to make a better world for their children. I get it. And he will get my vote again.

  3. Clap Clap Clap Shar! I’m for whoever has the best plan for the people, in my voting lifetime it has only been Democratic to me. I agree with you THIS first family is the first, first family that I have been able to identify with. (And it’s not because they are black) 😉 I love Michelle. The whole family seems so down to earth and I wouldn’t mind stopping by the White House to have some BBQ with them on the Fourth of July. I think I’ll add that to my VIZIONS board. Thanks for your comment Shar!

  4. Rae on

    Hello Delina, well said mama….great great article. loved it! keep up the good work.

  5. Venessa Bowers on

    Let me just say that this is the first president in my lifetime whose character I respect. I may not like every decision he makes, but let’s face it – I don’t know what I would do in his shoes. I want him to fight back HARD – but I respect that he has better control of his character than I can ever hope to have in my own life. Here’s the thing. He has been as honest as a person protecting a country can be, he ended wars started by another (clears throat) president, he has attempted to move a Congress that has no desire to make things better for the people in this country – ALL the PEOPLE, he has tried to stimulate an economy suffocated by recklessness from another party, and he has done all of this without faltering or compromising his character. What other politician can say that? Can do that? Can BE that? What I know for sure is that the people who attack this man are afraid of him – he is smart, he is honest, he is clean. Dumb, dishonest, and filthy people fear that which they do not know or understand. Perhaps instead of calling for his “death” – people should try to walk his walk. Walking his walk means walking in the light – but hatred despises the light – it must live in the dark to grow and fester. The more we allow the hate to grow, the more it contaminates all of us. So – I stand with the president – not because he is the president, but because he embodies the qualities of humanness I strive to attain.

  6. Maureen Nelson on

    WELL DONE Delina. It hurts me to know that people who should be setting an example are so devious and callous. Every time they address him as Obama they look and sound just like what they are…IGNORANT AND STUPID. Just imagine they are saying he is not citizen of this land because his dad was not…Have you ever heard such nonsense..If those fools want to be reminded the American Indians had and the few that remains has rights here before those pale skinned bandits killed and stole from them. they want to talk about character I don’t think they know the meaning of the word. I have to remind myself that I have a sick heart and should not be getting upset but when I hear or read such foolishness it upsets me. I want to say to THE HONORABLE PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA…Sir continue to lead this great nation, keep your head up, love your family and keep on keeping on and remember YOU ARE LOVED by The Almighty Father and all your followers…Abraham Lincoln once said and I quote ” To know the character of a man give him POWER.” Honorable President Obama you have that POWER and you handle it with dignity……..GOD BLESS

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