Self Reflection & Random Thoughts by Delina Hill-Brooker

In July 2011 I was able to walk away from corporate America and blessed with an opportunity to do what I’ve always WANTED to do…work for myself. That was nine months ago…enough time to birth a baby. And although I haven’t (and don’t plan on) birthed any more tiny humans, I have had the luxury of doing a lot of praying, meditating, self-realization. I have ALWAYS had a hustle mentality, and that go-get it spirit. I’ve never quit ANYTHING that I’ve tried to accomplish, and I always reach my goals.

  1. I know how to cook, I’m not an expert in cooking and I don’t try to be. I’ve never enjoyed cooking, but I’ve learned that it just might be my least favorite thing of all to do in life. So I have decided that once our budget permits I will hire a personal chef. Yeah I said it. I’ll take that over a house keeper or even over a pool boy. 😉
  2. I’ve never been good at doing other peoples hair. I can braid single braids, or as they call it in the south ‘plaits’. I was blessed to have a beautiful daughter with a head FULL of long, THICK, beautiful hair. Um yeah…she’s four and yeaaaaah, I still haven’t mastered her hair. I STILL cannot braid. Although I have successfully did a full head of twists. It took a whole heck of a lot longer than it should have. I am proud of the outcome, but I still find it easier to have someone who braids for a living, braid her hair. ImageImage <–Told you it was a lot of hair!
  3. Some things I do better alone, some things I do better in a group. For instance, I can run my business and handle everything I need to without any assistance or persuasion. I’m a quick learner and can execute the new things that I learn on my own easily. I’ve been working out since December and doing personal training, but I’ve learned that as far as the personal training etc., I do MUCH better in a group. I even enjoy it more. Image <–Chinese push ups.
  4. Creatively I work very well by myself or with others. It doesn’t matter I am just a creative person at heart and that is my passion.
  5. I’ve done A LOT of things that I had no idea how to do and didn’t think that I could do. I completed our five year business plan. It wasn’t as hard as I thought that it would be.
  6. The quick tongue that I USED to have…has calmed down tremendously. Now I only keep my thoughts in my head lol! Most times I have a different outlook. Everything ain’t for everybody and I’m ok with letting people leave my life.
  7. God REALLY DOES talk to you (me). I’ve done a lot of meditating and praying and when I ask Him to speak to me, He REALLY does. Loud and clear. We have a really good relationship.
  8. I want what I want, and I now know that there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve also realized that I don’t have to settle for less or ‘dumb down’ my vision because it doesn’t match the ‘normal’ persons’ expectations for life.
  9. I have a sensitive spirit, even though I smile a lot and share what seems to be a lot, I only let certain people in so far.
  10. I absolutely LOVE spending time with my family!
  11. You only get one physical life. It’s easier to take care of yourself instead of trying to ‘get back’ where you were. Tomorrow is not promised so don’t waste time doing things that you weren’t put on this earth to do. Find out what we are meant to do in life and DO IT!!!
  12. Last but not least…If you just ASK for what you want instead of being afraid or tip-toeing around, you’d be surprised at the responses you’ll get. JUST ASK!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed my bit of randomness. 😀


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