Our Nation’s Son, Trayvon Martin by Delina Hill-Brooker

This whole Trayvon Martin case has really struck a chord with me. When I first heard of the story all I could think about is my two sons, (16 & 6). When the weather calls for it both of them wear hoodies on a daily basis. I can’t even imagine the pain and anguish his parents are feeling because of this. I would never wish anything like this on anyone. I wanted to REALLY go in depth like a lawyer about the case, but the story keeps growing, and new things and people keep coming out of the wood work with ‘new’ evidence; which pisses me off even more. The way this whole the story is unfolding is worse than the political race.

Let me take a moment to state a few of the FACTS:

Trayvon was going to get snacks to eat while watching the game.

He felt like he was in danger because he saw Zimmerman watching him.

He was on the phone with a female friend.

Zimmerman was not a policeman, nor a security guard. He was simply part of the   neighborhood watch.

The dispatch specifically told Zimmerman NOT to follow Trayvon. He did anyway.

Zimmerman ‘mumbled’ “They always get away.”

Zimmerman was not arrested or questioned.

With just those few facts I think it’s safe to say that Trayvon NOT Zimmerman was the one in danger. Trayvon was PROBABLY looking at Zimmerman, because Zimmerman was staring at HIM! How was Zimmerman’s life in danger if he is the aggressor? Even if Trayvon had a gun, he was not chasing Zimmerman, therefore HE was not in danger.

I wish I could list all of the inconsistencies of the police department, investigations, personal and family ties with people in the judicial system. (His father is a retired Florida Magistrate Judge, Zimmerman’s three prior arrests that were mysteriously closed with no semblance of charges…need I go on? And the AUDACITY of whoever brought up Trayvon’s past of being suspended because of traces of weed on him infuriates me to the highest level. One has nothing to do with the other.

The only reason that this has something to do with color is because of Zimmerman. ANY young teen could’ve ‘looked’ suspicious in a hoodie if that’s your mindset. Fact: All thugs, burglars, terrorists don’t wear hoodies. Some of them are heavy set, partial Hispanic males with a red polo shirt and an earring in their left ear. I’M JUST SAYIN’!

There is SO much that I want to say about this case, but we all know the real deal. All of the marching, wearing hoodies and supporting, is great, but unfortunately it won’t bring Trayvon back, but I hope this is a lesson to the world! If this doesn’t piss you off royally, then you are just another George Zimmerman, and that is not good for anyone.








Rest in peace Trayvon Martin. Your death will NOT be in vain.




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