You Never Know How Much Stuff You Have by Angenita Williams-Childs


I moved. I moved some of everything. Clothes, shoes, beds, food. I moved cleaning supplies, and toiletries. And as I moved I had an epiphany, and I laughed. I’m a hoarder.

I would have never thought I that much stuff. I didn’t realize that I have a lot of stuff…and that’s what this is….stuff. I laughed as I thought about my business partner Delina’s obsession with the show Hoarders. I also thought about how I should have been a candidate for the show! (I wasn’t THAT bad!)

I saw things that I hadn’t seen in years. I still had a shirt from being a Senior in high school. I thought, “Where the hell has that been hiding?” As I went through more stuff, I found old shirts and pants I didn’t even remember I had. But each piece of old clothing held a memory for me. That Senior shirt was a reminder of how hard I worked to graduate high school. Being a teen mother was pretty rough, but it was a big accomplishment to me. I beat the odds.

The shirt, bohemian style, made me smile as I remembered taking pictures with my kids. The pants, ripped up, reminded me of the first time I called myself planting flowers when I bought my first home. A loud FUBU jacket reminded me of an extremely funny instance with my ex-husband.

I wasn’t hoarding stuff; I was hoarding the memories, as if I didn’t want to let them go. Almost like I would forget them. As I stuffed garbage bags full of stuff, I thought to myself, “Why the hell didn’t I get rid of this mess BEFORE I moved?”


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