Living in a Plastic Society by Angenita Williams-Childs

Ashley Judd is my hero.

She was recently criticized for losing her looks. She basically told the people who criticized her to kick rocks. She wrote a letter letting them know that her worth is not in her beauty. And regardless, beauty fades with age, it is a natural occurrence. Ashley Judd is an accomplished actress, who obviously did not let the media or anyone else dictate what beauty really is. If only more were like her.

I have seen the faces of many beautiful women turn in to plastic because they obviously believed their beauty defined who they were. This stems from not loving who they are as a whole person. Vivica Fox, Joan Rivers, Lil’ Kim have the most noticeable facets of plastic surgery. And it did nothing to enhance their looks…it made them look quite scary.


Vivica Fox was a very pretty woman, now she looks like a mannequin. Lil Kim just looks horrible. All of her cherub like beauty has faded into the wind, almost like her career. Joan Rivers looks like it hurts her face to talk, laugh, or make an expression. What possessed these once gorgeous women to go this route? They allowed the media to define their beauty. They allowed a misconception of what true beauty is to cloud their minds and make them believe they were not pretty enough, they were not good enough, they just didn’t make the cut. They lost themselves in the world of celebrity.

I’ve often thought of getting some “self improvement” in the form of liposuction, a tummy tuck, etc. Maybe a reduction of something here and there. But, would that really be me? Or a quick fix, quick end solution to rid myself of being overweight? No work involved, just go under the knife. How long would that last if there is no effort to sustain it?

Society lead beauty is destructive to our young ladies. Every day, young girls are being told in order to be beautiful, you must have certain attributes:  a Beyonce booty, makeup like Reese Witherspoon, full breasts, long legs, etc. I’m glad that brands like Dove reach out to them and let them know that their beauty is beyond their skin.

Regardless of how many times you change your face or your body, you are still you. Loving who and what you are is the best kind of beauty there is. Allow yourself to age, and do it gracefully. Welcome it. Embrace it. Society’s standards are superficial, flakey, and unsubstantiated. Why would you want to live by those unstable standards?

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  1. Theresa Smith on

    Yes, I am in agreement with you here. I have thought about a little surgery but for one I know it really would not benefit my my soul of who am now. I realized I was born into just what I was to look like. My mother marked me honey because as we both know I am the spitting image of her on down to the matching birth marks we have. So in turn you know me “just be who you are and be with the man that likes him some greens and cornbread with a litle jowl bacon in there”. OK 🙂

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