What Makes a Hero? by Angenita Williams

What made all the greatest superheroes, superheroes? Was it their special gift? What is their generous heart? Was it their wit, charms, looks? Their niceness?

To be honest, I never gave it much thought. They were fictional delusions of people’s minds. A man of steel didn’t exist. A man who would come when the bat hit the night sky. A man whose ultimate strength came from an emotion. A man who could smooth things out with the right amount of wit and the perfect time. A man where you could tune into next week to watch them save the day. Where were they, really?

It seemed to me like if someone can imagine that, somebody experienced it.  The truth is stranger than fiction, right?

I looked around me. I thought about life in general. I thought about inspirations, and non factors.

Then I thought about life in general, and the way things twist and turn; and I can’t help but to think about being an impacting person. There is a world out there that really believes that dreaming means you live in la la land. There’s a world out there that tears down the very essence of children – turning them in to robots instead of individuals There is a world that is always ready to tell you what you can’t do because of this or that. There is also a world that knows better. And the people who show us things can and will be different – those are the men of steel we see standing up for not only his kids, but his nieces, nephews, and neighborhood kids as well. We see people use their emotion about a cause to fuel the desire to make a change. We have a community that shows us heroes every day, and no one knows their names.  Heroes don’t care for recognition for things that should be done anyway.

True heroes are from God. Sometimes, they get taken away from us.



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