Memorial Day 2012 by Angenita Williams-Childs

Today started off as any regular day off. I had my granddaughter. I got dressed, and went to my aunt’s house for a barbeque for Memorial Day. It was good to see family – all sides of family. People I haven’t seen in years came through my aunt’s house to pick up a plate, talk, and create some extremely laughable moments. I didn’t want to leave.

Those family members that have gone on to glory were missed today. We laughed at the memories we all held of them. We remembered their reactions to certain situations, like, my cousin, Big Will, would come in the door, in his big booming voice, and ask, “Where is the banana pudding?” Or Grandma looking at everyone with so much love in her eyes that you knew seeing us all together made her happy. Or even Aunt Shirley, coming through the door. Actually you could hear her before you saw her; she was a tiny woman with a feisty spirit. Grandpa sat on the porch and took it all in.

We could always count on Uncle Fred to give us laughs after he had a few beers, or Uncle Leon talking cold cash doo-doo all the time. His right hand man, Uncle Willie, cosigned everything he said. Or how Cathy and I argued when I first moved to Indianapolis. She felt I was too spoiled. Anthony was a little terror, running over the kids in the neighborhood, always cracking jokes.  Johnny brought the blues and some seriously funny singing to the get-togethers. Uncle George always called me his little “Red.”

Today, I cherished all their memories because living with them made life a little bit greater, a little brighter. I truly can say that I missed them today. I waited to hear that voice ask for the banana pudding, although I knew it wouldn’t come again. I wanted to hear Grandma say, “Y’all stop chunkin’ them rocks!” or Aunt Shirley, “My niece – a Pisces just like me!”

Family get-togethers just ain’t the same without them. And on this Memorial Day, we made some new memories while we laughed and talked about the old ones.

You only have one family. Cherish them, because they leave far too soon.


Rest in Heaven Grandma  Elizabeth & Grandpa Henry, Miss Versie, Mr. Futrell, Aunt Shirley, Uncle George, Uncle Fred, Uncle Leon, Uncle Willie Lee, Willie Lee Jr., Cathy, Paul, Anthony, Big Will, Shunita, Kim, Miss Irene, Johnny, and Grandpa Robert. We all love and miss you!


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  1. Theresa Smith on

    I was feeling a little down today so I decided to check in. Wow how God works!! Always popping in on your site here and there but today I have spent more time actually going in depth. I just love the fact that you never leave anyone out in the most trying times. Hate I missed this day because you all are my extended family and the love is goes beyond belief.

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