“Reality” Done IT Again by Angenita Williams-Childs

I had to not so great pleasure of watching about an episode and a half of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. It is too much.

First, Stevie J is an embarrassment to black, “successful” men. He lacks the maturity to even say that he is a man. His attitude, his cockiness, his overall demeanor just makes me shake my head. And his girlfriend or wife is crazy to stay in that environment. He treats her like she means absolutely nothing, yet she argues and stays. With such blatant disrespect in her face, I asked myself, “Why is this woman allowing someone to treat her like that?”

Then I thought about what I’ve seen, done, and gone through. Yeah, while many reality shows are not really a reality, that situation hit the fan. There are so many women who allow this. So many men willing to partake in it. When will we as Black women understand that we are valuable? That we are to be cherished and desired? When will you as Black men see that you are more than just a penis driven being? When will you learn that together, we can grow our community, and enrich, instead of destroy, our lives?

We allow the media to portray us as in such a way that distorts our views of who we really are. This is a classic example of relationship dysfunction. It’s so comfortable to us, that anything different is abnormal. And the sad part, we will continue to tune in to see what crazy situation is going to happen next week. Some of us can turn off the TV, and turn on our eyes to see what’s happening right in our own homes. Try to fix that drama.

I admit, I’ve had my own share of drama. I’ve allowed certain situations to unfold when I knew better. I allowed too much to go on in the name of love, when love was never a part of the relationship. But come on, his mistress in the car calling him while he talks to you? Like she DOESN’T know who you are? And you stay. Why?

You stay because he is the end all to be all for you. You stay because you don’t love you enough to see what he is doing. You stay because if you leave, you lose a lifestyle. You stay because…

It’s time for the excuses to stop. First, let’s stop supporting this “reality.” If we didn’t watch, they wouldn’t produce. Second, use this as a guide of how NOT to live and treat people. This is not cool. I thought Basketball Wives was awful. This, however, takes the cake for me.

I think I’ll watch the series to give a full analysis about this series. On second thought, nah, I’ll pass. I can’t get that hour back.


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