BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! By Delina Hill-Brooker


I’m sure that I’m not the only parent that was probably happier than the kids when they got out of school. I was sooooo tired of homework, the vigorous schedule, attending all of the end of the year conferences, programs last minute field trips etc. With the exception of high school it always seems like they aren’t doing anything important at the end of the year,  they’re just eating up the rest of the mandatory days.

The first few weeks were fun and laid back. We stayed up watching movies, played outside even after the street lights went off, even had a few sleep overs. But after a while that got kind of boring. There’s only so much affordable fun you can do.

Later in the summer we visited our family for our family reunions. ROAD TRIP! Again we laughed so hard, got more off schedule then we already were. I think we all had our days and nights mixed up.

After that I for one was tired. Is want quiet time, but there was always a kid awake, running around, jumping in my face. Our grocery bill had gone up and they acted like they had to eat from the time they woke up, until they fell asleep.

With only a few weeks left before school started I started putting them back on schedule. Waking them up early even if we had nowhere to go. Limiting their television time. Yes, it was time for my bionic trio to go back to school!

Now I’m sure that after a few months I’ll grow tired of the hectic season, especially since it’s band and football season for my boys. But I guess that’s the beauty of different seasons. You can enjoy them and not be pigeon held to it, and go to a different one.

Cheers to embracing the different seasons in life, lower electricity and grocery bills!


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