Follow Your Dreams by Delina Hill-Brooker


What is it that you have always wanted out of life? If you could paint the perfect picture of how your life could be, how well does your real life measure up to the picture? And if it’s way off track; why? Are you afraid to take a leap of faith and jump off the deep end, free falling into your utopia of pure happiness? Do you think that you’ve waited too long to discover what it is that you actually want out of life? Or have you gotten so accustomed to your life the way that you know it that you can’t see how you can change paths now?

Here’s my take on that. There is a reason for your uneasiness. You were born with a purpose and the ‘seed’ was placed in your gut. You will never feel completely whole, if you do not try to accomplish your dreams one way or another. And even if it’s an unconventional path, doesn’t mean it’s not for you. You are never too old to follow your dreams. Case in point, Morgan Freeman didn’t get his big break until he was almost 50! I’m sure that other actors would have fit nicely into his roles in Driving Miss Daisy, Glory, The Shawshank Redemption and Lean on Me, but it certainly wouldn’t be the same. Can you picture Will Smith or Morris Chestnut in those roles? Me either.

The same goes for relationships. If you’ve always imagined yourself with an independent, hardworking person, but you settled for the very attractive, lazy, slacker slob that only mooches off of you…it’s never too late to cut the ties and move on.

Google the name George Dawson. He was a former slave who learned to read and wrote a book at the age of 101 entitled Life Is So Good.

Now don’t go crazy and quit your job so that you can become a 50 year old gangsta rapper. This blog is not about being unrealistic. It’s about finding your own unique way to make your dreams come true so that you can live out your life’s purpose. If you are the 50 year old rapper, do YouTube video’s, frequent karaoke bars and local talent shows WHILE STILL KEEPING YOUR DAY JOB. C’mon, you are grown and should definitely be taking care of your own bills and family. But just like Mr. Morgan Freeman, you never know what will happen, and hey, you could have a one hit wonder. 😀

So go out and get that degree, make your gifts and desires work for you. Don’t listen to the naysayers (which is mostly you and your thoughts) Just do the darn thing and get to maximizing the enjoyment energies of life. If George Dawson can do it, then so can you! #FollowYourDreams

My name is Delina and I approve this message! 😉


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