Pro Life or Pro Choice? by Angenita Williams-Childs

Let me start this with a disclaimer. I know that many will disagree with me on this topic. I am open to discussions, and I respect the point of view and opinions that others have. You believe what you believe. I only ask that you respect my views as well.

The Pro-Live/Pro-Choice debate has carried through generations. One side believes that abortions are an abomination and the government should make it illegal. One side believes that the government should have no say so about this medical procedure that affects women more than it does men. For the record, I am a Pro-Choice person, and I believe that a man cannot tell a woman when and where to create a baby, nor should he be able to dictate whether or not she should deliver the baby, especially in cases of rape, incest, or where having the baby endangers the woman’s life. I believe that any consequences of sin are between the woman and her deity.

For those who use religion to cite that it is wrong, I say let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Religion is a personal choice; and church and state should be separated for this very reason. If we are to really be free, then we should be free to make our own decisions, good or bad. Religion should only play a personal part. Having religious freedom means you have the ability to worship however you please, without impeding on other’s right to worship differently.

I do value life, but I also value life quality. A friend of mine commented on FaceBook in response to a post I made. She said something to the likes of “Pro-Lifers are all about life in the womb, but afterwards, it’s like a big F U.” That paraphrased statement brought a light bulb. If proof is needed, look at the state of the far right, and how their ideas affect the American society.

Let’s say a young woman lands into a relationship with a man who is extremely charming, handsome, seemingly everything she wants. They become intimate, and he gets violent with her shortly after. She leaves and later finds out she is pregnant with his child. If the far right has its way, she would be forced to have this violent, abusive, man’s child, forever tied to him. The social implications are far worse because the social programs this now single parent may need: medical assistance and food stamps, childcare subsidy, and possibly housing assistance. The father in that instance would more than likely be absent, the child grows up without a father figure, and not to mention, could obtain his or her father’s violent behavior. The needed programs are the very ones that the far right wants to cut and diminish; but what about being Pro-Life? I mean, there is life after the womb…


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  1. evolvingvenus on

    Yes! This is excellent and well done.

  2. Lioness Vizions on

    Reblogged this on Lionessvizions's Blog and commented:

    Life is after conception…AND after the womb…

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