Politics, Politics And Even More Politics! by Delina Hill-Brooker



Ok here we go; the RNC had the floor first. There’s not too much that I can say about it, because quite honestly I missed the first night, and the other night I recorded it and fast forwarded through most of the speakers because they were rather boring to me. I love and can appreciate a good debate no matter who’s side I’m on, but for the most part their speakers were boring and I can’t even tell you any of the initial speakers. I’ve had to catch bits and pieces online and by reading.


However some of the things that stuck out to me were, Mitt Romney stating, “We are not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.” This is odd to me, because if you are telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, wouldn’t you want it to be proven that you are telling the truth?

Even though I am registered as a Democrat, if a Republican was saying things that would benefit the majority of the country that candidate would have my vote. As far as I’m concerned, whoever I feel will do the best job for America as a whole gets my vote.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the political hype, I want to be an informed voter and not just be one sided because of what some political official with an agenda said. I checked www.FactCheck.org which stated, “Tax experts — including one who supports Romney’s plan — say the Republican presidential candidate’s promise to cut individual income tax rates without either favoring the wealthy or losing revenue isn’t mathematically possible”… “But he has steadfastly refused to say which tax preferences would be cut or reduced”… “So Romney has failed to produce evidence that what he promises is possible. And we judge that the weight of evidence and expert opinion is clear — it’s not possible.”

So even if it WAS a good idea, it’s not possible. So why are you saying that we should vote for you again?


Before I left for church yesterday I was watching Live with George Stephanopolus, he was interviewing Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan. When he asked about jobs overseas, he said, it’s a method that has been proven to work in the past. Say what? Worked for who? The same people who can afford a bigger tax cut without it being noticed in their take home pay? The people who don’t actually WORK for a living? I don’t care what your political affiliation is, but somewhere down the line you need to wake up and realize what is trying to be done. I’m sure there are a lot of republicans who’s jobs have been shipped overseas and they struggled to find another for longer than they would have anticipated. Our American jobs being outsourced, is not, nor has it ever been a democratic, republican or independent, core beliefs voting issue. It is a middle class, survival issue. America cannot and will not survive without a thriving middle class! It’s as simple as that.


Last but certainly not least; their stance on issues that specifically deal with women.  Regardless of my religious beliefs I don’t think that we should go back in time and make abortions illegal. If that’s the case we should make smoking cigarettes illegal because they bring avoidable and unnecessary harm to your body. But smokers make the choice to smoke. They also make the choice to quit, if they so desire. The possibility that abortions could become illegal scares me because women would go through harmful, drastic measures to get them done either by doing it themselves or in a dirty, back alley somewhere with a crazy lady who’s just in it for the money. It reminds me of that scene in For Colored Girls or that movie If These Walls Could Talk. Bottom line, anyone who is considering stripping away women’s rights, does not have my vote, at all, ever.


Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been tagged as “America’s Comeback Team.” I’m sorry (not really) Romney and Ryan, I don’t want to come back to your ideas of thinking. I think that if you get voted in with your current agenda and mindset we as a people will be more screwed than we ever knew, or could even think of; and it would take even longer than 4 or 8 years to get out of.


I’m really not going to go too much into the Obama/Biden ticket, because it will be more of the same that I’ve already stated in previous blogs. But what I will say is, most of the speakers hit home to me, but NOBODY put it down like First Lady Michelle Obama! If you want me to be honest, her speech was even better than President Bill Clinton’s AND President Barack Obama’s. Her speech was heartfelt and so warm. Not only did it make you feel like the president cared specifically for you, but that you were also a part of the first family. Their public displays of affection are so beautiful. You can tell that they genuinely love each other. Their daughters Malia and Sasha have gotten so big. They are indeed a good looking family.


In closing I want to make a few points, before President Obama ran for office I was never REALLY into politics, and for the most part I’m still not. I was excited because yes, he’s a black man, who genuinely seemed nice and like he wanted to do what was best for the country. It was that alone that got me REALLY listening to all sides, watching the debates, having conversations based on politics. However, as much as I love America and our right to have a voice in the way the country is run, I truly despise the mud slinging, back and forth bickering etc. That alone was the main reason why I was never fully in touch with all things politics. Another thing that absolutely hurts my heart is to see all of the hatred thrown back at our president. I’m talking outside of the realm of debates. I’ve seen too many pictures of displays of hate towards our president that are far beyond the lines of ‘making fun of the other party.’ I’m curious to see if there will be a change in this. Each party SHOULD just state what they want to do, how they want to do it, and how they can help the country, leaving the other party out of the conversation. ~ That’s in my perfect little world.


While I was extensively watching the news and paying attention to each party’s agenda and political philosophies, it made me think that America was a spin-off of The Hunger Games. A few people decide what is best for the country. That’s scary. That’s why no matter WHAT your belief is, you should let your voice be heard. There are some countries that don’t allow you to do even that. Secondly pray for our leaders. Even if the person you don’t want to win does win. These next 8-10 years will be no walk in the park, and unless we can push the reset button on our economy, put a cap on prices for goods, services, food and gas, it’s going to take a while to get out of this hole we’ve dug for ourselves. Whoever wins better be ready for the ride.


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