Elephants or Donkeys: Who Got Next? by Angenita Williams-Childs

On the heels of the party national conventions, America’s political stance is on fire.

The Republican and Democratic National conventions were just the boost, or the knock-out, that each party needed. Obama is up in the polls, while Romney is struggling. But why?

First, let’s start with the women perspective. The Democratic Convention boasted a slew of women speakers, from mayors to governors, senators and health care professionals, moms and common folk. This convention really tailored to the people. Women issues were a hot topic. So was the support of our troops. The Republican convention failed to even mention the troops, and the women issues were based on “economics” – in my opinion it was, “Ladies, let’s sit back and let the men handle all the business.”

Anne Romney is a good woman. She stayed at home and raised five boys while her husband worked to bring home the bacon. She spoke of the man she loved, and of his values. But her speech fell short because she was not relatable to many women of today who don’t have the fortunate type of life that allows them to stay home and raise kids. She never had a job. Never had to worry about working because of conservative views – women remain in the home while men work. (Just my opinion. I don’t know how she thinks.) And to top it off, her speech was just flat; boring. Anne loves her man, but she lacked enthusiasm and empathy for the women who are not that fortunate.

Now, when it comes to Michelle, Anne is definitely shadowed. Here is a woman who can relate. She is humble, and her personality shines through everything. She spoke of her and Barack’s struggles as middle class, she talked about his spirit. She also spoke of the man she loved for twenty years. She helped Barack bring home the bacon, so she understands working outside the home – something I can relate to, just like many women I know. She said that her husband believes that women should make choices about their health and lives. Her speech was positive, motivating and moving. There was no stopping the enthusiasm in her. She has his back, and it shines through. I have never witnessed a love so genuine.

Good ol’ boy Paul Ryan’s speech angered and saddened me. It angered me because he outright lied about Obama closing a plant, and Obamacare. It saddened me because the crowd ate it up. Ryan should be considered a part of the dangerous Tea Party Republicans. Their views are so far off from the America we should be that it’s scary. Ryan is a radical – one of the types of people that should not be a candidate. His speech was meant to go hard on Obama without giving solutions.

Joe Biden’s speech was ok, but, he hit home some very good points. He slammed the Romney camp for the lies they told. He is the likable guy down the street, who has gone through a lot, and can really relate to American people. He stumbled when he tried to ad lib, but what he said made sense.

Romney slammed Obama to the fullest. He blasted everything from Obamacare to the economy. He even went out of his way to talk about foreign affairs, hinting that Russia was our biggest threat, and Obama is soft on it. It’s obvious that he just does not get it. He wants to create war; he said it in so many words. He also chided Obama for wanting to protect the earth, and hanging on to the regulations needed to do that. Romney also stated that he would bring 12 million jobs to America, which is a statistic done by economists anyway. Romney also went to the Olympics and basically snubbed his nose at them. So much for foreign policy.

President Obama, however, was more enthusiastic about America. He asked for the vote. He spoke of plans to gain jobs while preserving our environment. He paid tribute to the troops still fighting overseas. The man ran off his accomplishments over the last four years – health care, keeping student loan interest rates level, saving the auto industry and preserving jobs, and being strong on women’s values. Basically, he spoke to issues that matter.

I’m sorry. I think the donkeys got this election…provided voter suppression doesn’t take control.

As a side note: We must never forget those who lost their lives or loved ones in the tragedy that is 9/11.


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  1. evolvingvenus on

    I have to disagree with you, Ms. Luvlee – on one piece specifically – Ann Romney may be a good woman, however she did not raise her children on her own – they had nannies and housekeepers. I’d wager that most women might like a cushy job-op like that – stay home, wear pretty clothes, pay someone to clean your house and watch/raise your children while your husband walks around with the “trophy”-like thinking that because, simply because you were born a woman – you need him to make money and based on his religious ideology, need him to pull you into heaven. As a beast-mode feminist, I’d NOT like a life like that. Frankly, its a sucker bet. However one can argue that for the Romneys, a woman’s place, fortune, and future are ALL about economics – some women get to be pampered and some women do the literally Pampering of pampered women’s children. For them, it appears that a woman has NO place without her man.

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