I’m not Dusty, I Got on Deons! by Angenita Williams-Childs


A few weeks ago, my daughter went to the mall with her friend. When she got there, she and her friend met up with six other young ladies. They hung out, tolling from store to store, running into friends from different neighborhoods and schools. But, as one can know, a group of unsupervised teenagers in a shopping mall can quickly become a mess.

As the story goes, one of the girls’ boyfriend entered the mall with another girl. The little girl, I’ll call her ‘P’, walked up to the other girl and asked, “What are you doing with him?”

The other girl, I’ll call ‘T’, replied, “I’m his girlfriend.”

“Nah, that ain’t it. I’m his girlfriend!” P said. The two young ladies argued for a second. Then T said, “I am not about to argue over no boy. If you want him, you can have him.”

“We can go to the canal and bump,” P said.

“Not that deep,” T replied.

And that’s the first incident.

The next incident occurred when a young lady bumped into ‘K.’ K said, “Girl, you need to watch where you going, with your ugly self.”

The young lady replied, “I know I’m not ugly.”

K said, “With your dusty self.”

The young lady said, “I ain’t no where near dusty, I got on Deons.”

“I got on Griffies.”

And at that point, I fell out laughing at the sheer stupidity of this argument. The other problem is that that simple argument was about to turn into a fight. And why?

Let me first talk about the first incident. WHY would a teen girl argue with another girl about a boy? Notice, neither young lady went off of on the boy. Never said anything to him. Never said, “So, boyfriend, why are you here with her?” Instead, P attacked the other girl. Not very good. Wonder where she was taught that the other girl was the threat instead of acknowledging the boyfriend’s infidelity.

In the second example, the girls argued over the attribute of being “dusty.” Their total basis for not being labeled dusty was the type of shoe they wore. The type of shoe. I thought, is this what our kids have to argue about nowadays? The dustiness of wearing Jordans or Griffies or Deons. Does it matter? It shouldn’t, but it does, and that disturbs me.

It makes me question where are kids are headed, where their values are. It also makes me see that as young mothers tend to focus on materialistic things, and making sure things look good, instead of focusing on being good. What’s truly disturbing is that it seems like our youth do not have a sense of what is responsible behavior. Young girls should understand that fighting over a boy is not ladylike, nor does it make sense. And they should also understand that whatever someone wears, or what type of shoes they were does not make them. Outside appearances are simply outside, and arguing over dudes, and swearing that one shoe is better than the other is utterly ridiculous. Where is their self-esteem? Morals? Character?

As a community, we need to take our girls under our wings and guide them…lead them to the throws of success. Without our guidance, I’m afraid the state of our young ladies is dismal. A shame, really.





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  1. Rae on

    I really really did like this article. It was very true and yes teens need to realized that this trivia stuff can get you in trouble, jailed or possibly killed. I have a teenager and some of the stuff he tell me is just AWFUL!!! Loved the article.

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