So Is This the New Sexy? by Delina Hill-Brooker















In this wonderful age of social media, everyone is so easily accessible and most times people post pictures, rants along with a host of other things; that they should keep to themselves. But of course that would be too much like right, so we get caught up in the hype of everyone else’s dysfunctional, bi-polar stats, tweets and blogs.

Facebook shows people that it thinks you should know or like based off of mutual friends and your interests. I usually ignore it, but certain things catch my eye. The other day I spotted a half – naked woman with her leg up on a kitchen chair. She had on fishnet pantyhose, daisy dukes and a bra. On the kitchen table there was trash, candy wrappers, and empty bottles of alcohol. The person and I had nine mutual friends, eight of which were guys who, when I glanced at who they were, didn’t surprise me. But if I thought about it, I never had to look outside of my friend list to find the hot mess photos.

I’m not surprised by some people who post the club pictures and they are doing the absolute most in them. Others get a little rambunctious from time to time, so I figured that they are just feeling it. Maybe it’s because I’m married and have been for nine years now, but at what age do we stop clubbing every weekend? Even when I was younger, and probably a little too over the top, I still had my limits. Just because it’s short and tight, does not mean that it is sexy. Leggings are leggings and not pants, therefore no one should be able to see whatever sparkled underwear that you are wearing underneath. Why is it that the sleezy, half naked pictures get way more likes then what I would call the classic sexy pictures? Is half naked with any type of body style, wearing the same thing that the teens are wearing, the new sexy? Did I miss the “This is now sexy” memo?

I’ll let the women who are in their twenties have it. But the thirty and forty club women really need to have a come to Jesus meeting, re-define the sexy, and start over.

Sexy is not found in the clothing, but in the demeanor and portrayal of a person. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not become a totally different face. Your fake eyelashes should not touch other people in the face when they are speaking to you. LOL Blonde hair ain’t for everybody.

Some good role models in dressing appropriately sexy are: Janet Jackson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Taraji P. Henson, Mary J. Blige, and J Lo. If you want to look at some other celebrities, Carrie Underwood Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, KeKe Palmer, Selena Gomex and Sandra Bullock. Some classic sexy women are: Lena Horne, Marilyn Monroe, and Nina Simone.

In closing, the new sexy, is not sexy. It’s time to get like Justin Timberlake and bring sexy back!

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