You Are What You Speak by Angenita Williams-Childs

Imagine this scenario;

A guy and a girl have a conversation over the phone. They flirt. The girl says she is the best. They guy takes it in. They go on a date. He rushes the date. She can’t understand why. He takes her home and asks her if she really is the best. She smiles and says of course. He tells her to show him. She states she is not ready for that part of the relationship. He gets mad. She says she wasn’t serious; they were flirting. What’s next?

Too often, we as humans get into the habit of saying things we really don’t mean trying to get some form of attention. Especially those who are not confident in themselves, and feed off attention.  I see this on a daily basis on Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media sites.

Young ladies fronting their bodies. Young men fronting their “cash.” No one being the real them. And then wonder why the state of relationships is what it is. If you are not ready to be someone’s freak, their man, their woman, their everything – then why say that you are? I get that we all desire basic human emotions; the need to feel loved and wanted. Why settle for false pretenses? Or even worse, set yourself up to be placed in a situation that you may not be able to leave very easily. I mean, if your game is not tight, then don’t label yourself as such. If you are not ready for a physical relationship, leave sex out of your conversation. Trust, the other party is paying attention to your words and they are, at some point, going to want you to back them up. And that’s whether or not you want to.

That’s like applying to be a doctor and never going to med school.

You definitely are what you speak. So speak the truth when it comes to you.


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