Hello November by Delina Hill-Brooker

Let me first apologize to you. I know it seems like at first glance, that I hate you. I wouldn’t call it that. Hate is such a strong word! But it just seems to me like you just barge your way right on in, and even though I can see you coming from weeks away I’m always shocked when you come in. Next year you should try easing your way on me. You know warm me up a little bit before you just hunker down on the bitter cold. I realize that you’re only doing your job, but geez!


And it may come as a surprise to you, but every year I really do look forward to you coming! You most certainly bring beauty and a different type of warmth. The warmth of family time, good home cooked eating (mostly done by other people); loving holiday spirit and the most special spending time with our closest friends and out of town loved ones. Every year you FORCE time to slow down; and let everyone just enjoy themselves preparing for your sisters December and Christmas. How awesome is that?

On the flip side it can be bittersweet because of you I have to say good-bye to our $12 a month gas bill and turn on the heat. I have to turn on the space heaters in the bathrooms. When you come into town I live in my hoodies, sweats, flannels, thick socks, blankets and all things warm. I wake up only to find my children are not as I left them – tucked under the covers, but in a tight ball with no socks on…cold.

I remember the year when I came to visit you in Miami. We went to the beach then came home to eat our Thanksgiving meal. Now THAT was a nice visit. And I know that was only something you do for the Miami, Floridians, but I’m just saying I’m in the south too, and I understand the season change, but your brother October is still in the 70’s, then here you come the next day with the 30’s and 40’s.

Anyhoo I won’t complain too much. The good definitely outweigh the unpleasantries. This is my official arms outstretched, church hug pat on the back, welcome. Enjoy your visit, but please don’t overstay your 30 days welcome.



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