Single, Woman, Thirty-Something by Angenita Williams-Childs



So, it’s not a secret that I am single. Have been since I was married. (You’ll catch that in a minute.)

Legally single for almost two years, I tried dating here and there…only to come with the realization again that dating is really not my forte. More than dating, I hate being lied to and not just by someone else, but by myself as well. OK, I can admit it. I did lie to myself…more on that later…

So, I guess my dateless life has some “eye raising” going on. I guess I am the perpetually single.

But let’s not confuse things…single does not equal lonely and desperate.

I enjoy peace. I enjoy quiet. I enjoy not answering to someone. I enjoy my own company. BUT, sometimes, I would like to go out. I would like to have a date. Unfortunately, many men’s idea of a date is coming over to my place, or me coming over to theirs. I’m all for hanging out sometimes, but dang, first dates? Can I get a dinner, a movie, concert, comedy show…something different? No chivalry. Approach me like I’m a teen or something, and get mad when everything is on blast. For example, I am not a little girl because I refuse to have “relations” with you. That may work on a twenty-something – you know that whole-make-me-feel-guilty-cause-he-wants-to-but-I-don’t-and-give-in-to-the-pressure-cause-he-could-be-the-one-for-me-and-I-am-just-acting-really-silly-with-him-and-I-should-get-on-my-grown-woman-and-ok-I-will-only-to-find-no-respect-today-and-no-call-tomorrow.

I am a woman and expect to be treated as such. Is that too much?

Being single, thirty-something, and woman can be harsh. Men see you as desperate. Everybody that has a man thinks you want theirs. And you get hit with lines like, “Maybe you should get on You are so busy that you don’t have time to really date.”

And that ain’t the half.

So, I decided I would try online dating sites, just to see. And as soon as I signed up, I lost interest.

Guess I’m just not quite ready. I mean weeding through bull **** takes time I don’t have. Dating isn’t fun, anyway. It’s frustrating because I always run into one track minds who want to scratch their itches with me and nothing more. Or those who want to be disrespectful.  Or those who are absolutely ludicrous to think that spitting game or their worldly possessions impress me. Like I’m supposed to be dreamy-eyed at promises made with lies…or better yet…

Yeah, I ain’t ready…(LOL)…


2 comments so far

  1. Rae on

    I heard that, I am in the same boat, but I am 40ish something! I guess GOD is going to have to come down and touch me and say that’s him! I will await that day oppose to all the _______ out there. Love the article, glad I’m not the only one feeling this way!

    40 something! hee hee hee hee

  2. cassi9879 on

    Check out Michelle McKinney Hammond. She enjoys being single!

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