America the Beautiful by Angenita Williams-Childs and Delina Hill-Brooker

Actual letter received by a Black person after the election.


I think it’s funny.

The very ‘dirty’ past of America keeps popping up, yet, some want to sweep it under a rug. Pretending it doesn’t exist. The last Presidential election showed just how much it still works today.

Generations have carried this psychologically damaging notion throughout time. And no matter how strong we get, no matter the data, no matter the way this America is trending, acceptance of a practice to exclude certain people, is still commonplace.

And it’s 2012.

The recent racial tensions in neighborhoods after the election are a very wide showcase that racism is very alive, although it’s not really talked about. I find it utterly disturbing how so many people are taking to the internet to bash the most powerful man in the free world, a man who’s title deserves respect whether you like him or not, based on the color of his skin.  I find it maddening that after all this time, after all the fight, it’s still here wide open for our children to see.

I am angered at how employers basically threatened their employees with job losses if Obama won office. I’m angered at how the big monies of the world thought their money and complete disregard of the middle, lower classes, as well as women and minorities, would work to win them the election. I’m angered that people around the country have been subjected to racial threats because our President is Black. I’m overly appalled at the brashness and length that these people go through to let our President know he is not “like them.” They don’t like him. And it has nothing to do with the good this man has done.

It’s because he is Black.

Higher intuitions should be the eye-opening account of real world issues. In college, you meet people from all over the world. You are exposed to different cultures, backgrounds, and primary education levels. Some of these people remain life-long friends, husband and wife, and colleagues.  I am disgusted with the antics at Ole’ Miss. But, given Mississippi’s history, I guess I shouldn’t be. Exactly fifty years ago, a riot ensued at Ole Miss because the first Black student attended class there.

What I find slightly amusing about it is that when Bush won, people of color didn’t riot. So, why did white people riot when President Obama won?

Historically, the majority has always placed fear about those who are different. But, the majority has to take a step back because they are quickly becoming the minority in this country. The dynamics are changing, and tailoring to the white, rich, good ole’ boys club is not going to get you into too many places, too much longer.

Leaders need to wake up and realize the fate of our country rests in all our hands, no matter where we come from. We are a nation of the 100 percent.

Racism is plain ignorant. I think the ‘good ‘ole boys’ need a lesson in maturity. Grow up and realize it is not like it used to be. Money may buy you material things. Money may buy you power. This election proved that your money can’t buy a presidency.

The people of the land have the power. Through all the voter suppression tactics, Obama still won. What does that tell you? Old tactics don’t work with a new population. Wake up. My President is Black. And so is yours. Roll with it, or leave the country. Regardless of his skin color, he deserves the respect his office holds.

 – Angenita


I said that I wasn’t going to talk about politics any more after the election. I guess that’s why you should never say never.  I knew that there would be a lot of people who wouldn’t be happy that OUR (I stress our) president is Barack Obama…who just so happens to be a black man…who won the majority vote…which means more people wanted him to get re-elected than those that didn’t. I have friends who voted for Romney. Some for reasons that I understand; others I can’t. None of them have made it known to me (not sure if they would) that they were upset about the re-election. Wait, I take that back.

I heard through my resourceful grapevine that a former co-worker of mine and his friends were on Facebook prior to the re-election stating that they would commit suicide if President Obama won. Seriously? You are going to kill yourself over that? You joke about your life like it has no value.  I questioned every conversation that we’ve ever had every joke in passing, or funny looks. Were they wearing a mask the whole time? Smiling in my face while going home and dogging me out because of the color of my skin or my beliefs? Things that make you go hmmmm. Then on a surprising discovery I have some Mormon friends who supported and voted for Obama. Imagine my surprise when they went public. My Republican friends, who were comfortable discussing politics with me, stated why they were voting for Romney, and listened to why I was voting for Obama…and no, it’s not because he’s a Black man. We respected each other’s rights to vote for who we wanted to.

I reminisced on the 2004 election. I wasn’t pleased with either candidate Bush or Kerry, but I voted for Kerry, because he was the “lesser of the two evils.” This year, I jokingly told my husband and friends that if Romney won this election that my family and I would move to Canada or China. NOTE: I SAID JOKINGLY. I’m not an avid news watcher because it’s always a lot of negativity. I was looking on Facebook and kept seeing posts about people signing a petition to secede from the UNITED States of America. I know that Facebook isn’t real life, and you can’t believe EVERYTHING that read on the internet. Then today I heard it on the radio and saw it on several news websites. Now I’m stuck with trying to figure out how to intellectually express my distaste for what should be a crime. Are his political views THAT horrible? Or is it because he’s Black? Is the world going to come to a screeching halt because he is President? I most certainly didn’t like either of the Bush’s, but would never try to secede from the nation. Even if my family temporarily moved out of the country because of politics I wouldn’t dare try to have my state secede from the nation. What happened to American pride? Aren’t we known for coming together and toughing things out?

While also perusing through Facebook AGAIN and a friend of mine posted this picture that was sent to her from someone she knows. (She states that they work at Google in Texas and the following letter was on her desk when she came into work). You are 1 of 3 Blacks at Google. Don’t think that Obama winning will change anything. Good luck!!! Seriously? How awful, rude, hateful and ignorant can you be?

My ancestors were stolen and brought here; they did not want to be here. They were beaten, tortured, raped, and split apart. We fought hard to be considered citizens, equals and to rise above all of the odds that were stacked against us. And for them to go through all of that for me and my husband, children and loved ones to have the right to vote for WHOEVER we want and reach heights that the first slaves could never imagine. I’m proud to be an American. I am proud to be a citizen of these UNITED states! I am proud that I have a voice and can vote and even when the person that I voted for doesn’t win, I can still live a happy, productive and successful life.

It is 2012! Can’t we all act like adults? Put your big girl/boy underwear on, suck it up and ride it out. You will have another chance in four years. It’s done. The majority won! You can’t please everyone all of the time. You can’t always get your way. Enough with the hissy fit temper tantrums!


I’m ok with people not liking Obama’s politics. But it is never ok to be disrespectful to anyone especially our Commander In Chief, especially when it is because of the color of their skin. I make sure I’m not posting mean spirited things about Romney or other politicians. I don’t even ‘like’ them when I see them on other peoples Facebook pages. We live in the United States of America. If we start dividing ourselves we will fall. All of us are created in God’s image, we are all His children. The energy you throw out will be what is returned to you. God is love and NO MAN can control your destiny, not Obama, Romney, Bush, Lincoln, Washington, Eisenhower, Carter, or Kennedy.

God bless these United States.

– Delina


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