Thanksgiving = Love Giving by Delina Hill-Brooker


Growing up it was traditional for everyone to meet over my Grandmere’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving (and all of the other Holiday’s). I kept up with that tradition even after I moved to Georgia. When I got married we would go to Miami, Florida to celebrate Thanksgiving with his side of the family and Christmas with my side. Our youngest daughter was born a week before Thanksgiving five years ago. When she was born, we felt that she was too little to bring around a crowd of people so we had our first Thanksgiving at our home with just our household. Every year since then we have hosted Thanksgiving at our home and had family, friends and neighbors join us. I guess we’ve started a new tradition. Every year we look forward to our family coming into town to visit. This year we were blessed to have four generations of family in our home; our family of five, my mom, mother-in-love, father, grandmother and nephew and our added friends and neighbors on Thanksgiving.


The children were so excited before they arrived they voluntarily helped clean and set up everything so that they would be comfortable. My husband and I planned meals and I grocery shopped to make sure that we had all of the necessities. When they arrived they came through the door with an over-abundance of love. What’s better than having four children under one roof? I’ll tell you, having four grandparents to entertain them all! 😀 My father sat and talked Nick Jr. and Sprout with our youngest, talked sports with the boys, laughed and joked with all of us. We played card games, board games, pranks, ate, drank and was merry with much laughter. Put up the Christmas decorations, ate cookies, pies and cakes and Thanksgiving leftovers until there was no more. And if you’ve never seen grandparents playing Wii with children, I urge you to witness it! LOL


We would’ve had the same amount of fun and laughter even if there were no big meals or stores to visit. To be able to spend time with loved ones is always great. I think I will start calling Thanksgiving, Love giving, because that is what this season is about. Giving love. Memories like these cannot be bought nor can they be replaced.


It was hard to see everyone leave and return to our everyday routine, but hey, this is our new tradition! So we’ll do it again in 2013, if not before then. After all it is our family tradition.



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