What Do The Lonely Do at Christmas? By Angenita Williams-Childs


lonely christmas

A silent night I know it’s gonna be, joy to the world but it’s gonna be sad to me… What do the lonely do, at Christmas? ~ The Emotions, What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas


So, it’s holiday time. And for singles across the world, it’s the time we are reminded that we are hopelessly single.

I don’t know why the holidays make being a single a little more lonely, at least for many. This is the time where depressed runs to the store to cop favorite comfort foods add to waistlines. Wallowing in sorrow is easy behind closed doors of bedrooms.

Just what is it?

It is because the holidays are supposed to be about love, joy, family? Is it because holidays are supposed to create memories? Pictures that chronicle the time spent? A period where one could reflect on the beauty of life and family? Is it a reminder about how this time five years ago, you and your former lover/partner/husband/wife woke up, kissed you and said, “Merry Christmas” or gave you a sloppy drunken kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve? And when you remember those tender moments, are you angry? Hurt? Confused? Lonely?

For me, the holidays represent coming together. And when I say that, I mean come together for me, not with anyone else. Just like birthdays, they are days to reflect on my journey during life. I think about the hits, the misses, the high-fives, and the lows. I’m ok without family dinners, although they feel weird. I’m ok with being by myself. After all, it is about love, and who better to love me than me?

I would like to stress, single does not equal lonely. It does not equal desperate. It does equal time alone to enjoy peace. I mean, who wants to be in a relationship that isn’t working for a few good days?

Holidays are days that are supposed to mean something. In reality, they are normal days that we have off to enjoy the way we want to.

Enjoy them, and stop worrying about how you are gonna make it through, and concentrate on what you love about waking up in the morning.

Merry Christmas!


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