No God! Not like that! by Delina Hill-Brooker

How many times have you prayed for one thing, but got something totally different? For example, you prayed that God would give you strength and a new obstacle pops up in your life? Then you’re like, “No God, that’s not what I asked for!” Then you find yourself pushing harder, working harder, praying harder to get past the new obstacle as well as the original one along with anything else going on in your life. Then ‘magically’ after you’ve made it through you realize that your prayers HAVE been answered. After the obstacle course you realize that you’ve done things that you never thought that you could do. And even though you were tired and maybe still are, you made it, and you know that if you had to do it all again you could. *LIGHT BULB* He actually did answer your prayer. You prayed for strength, He made you stronger! Maybe you had the strength inside you all along and you just didn’t realize it, He gave you the realization that you needed. Your prayers have been answered.

The moral to the story is it’s always okay to ask, but you can never dictate the way He answers your prayers. Sometimes He moves in the supernatural, sometimes He gives you the extra push that you need. More importantly He will never put you through more than you can bare. He made you, your situations and everything else. He’s got it all under control. Your job is to ask, believe and receive!

Peace & Blessings!God speaks



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