Three Gifts by Delina Hill-Brooker

I’ve been wondering what to write about without sounding cliché, “The reason for the season” etc. My friend stopped by yesterday and we were catching up on everything and were talking about Christmas as well. She told me that she has made it a tradition in her house to only buy her daughter three Christmas gifts each year. I was confused as to why until she went into greater detail. She taught her daughter that it is Jesus’ birthday. The person whose birthday it is gets all the gifts. Sometimes we get parting gifts or party favors. We don’t get the main gifts for someone else’s birthday. When Jesus was born the three wise men brought Jesus three gifts; frankincense, gold and myrrh.


I pondered over our conversation for the rest of the evening. When did Christmas become so commercialized? Even in hard times we as a society skip payment on bills and make sacrifices to buy our children all of the latest and greatest things that are out, when they the majority of the gifts they won’t play with after Christmas break. What if we went back to the original Christmas and only bought three gifts for each family member. I’m sure that the three gifts that we picked would be more meaningful and not just fillers to have under the tree. If you think about it, that would actually leave room for us to do more for others who are actually in need. It’s not like we don’t give to our children and loved ones year round.


Out of all of the gifts that you bought, if you could only give three, which three would you give? Makes you think huh?


Happy Birthday Jesus & Merry Christmas everyone!


3 wise men


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  1. Lisa D on

    Beautifully said!

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