Happy New Year by Delina Hill-Brooker & Angenita Williams

I don’t want to be like most who aspire to leave all old things in the old year and claim ultimate victory for all things in the New Year. For me, 2012 was full of ups, downs, victories, tests and faith, life lessons and things coming full circle. There are some unfinished things that I feel that I need to carry into the New Year and finish them. (I learned years ago not to carry old baggage that weighs you down into the New Year, not even into a new day, so that’s a daily resolution, not a New Year’s resolution).


I have prayed more this year than I ever have prayed before. My spirit has grown in supernatural leaps and bounds and my faith has not only been tested, but God has proven Himself to be exactly what He said He would be for me, and so much more. He has shown me over and over again that the impossible is actually possible. (I say this in a good way). I am STILL taking it all in.


Re-reading this, it sounds like I am implying that 2012 was a bad year. It most definitely was not, but I have dreams, big dreams. Dreams that don’t come true in a 365 time span. Each year I chip away a little more. I am closer to my dreams than I ever was before. Setting goals and keeping them, sometimes exceeding them. I am constantly learning and growing. The more that I learn and grow the more I realize that we have to be READY for what we ask for. I thought I was ready, but then there’s the whole, the more you grow you learn thing. What I do know is, I want to receive when I am ready so that I don’t mess it up.


Like every year I have big plans for the New Year. Until then I’ll keep asking, believing, receiving and preparing; so when my crossroads of opportunity and preparation meet, I’ll be ready.


I am embracing all of 2013. I’ve asked, I believe, receive.





There is something to be said about 2012. Change.

This past year brought a lot of pain, heartache, triumph, and elevation to the world, not just to me. The reelection of our President, the blatant use of racist and obstruction in our political structure. The loss of some children to the hands of men who did not value their lives. Murder in Chicago topping 500. Another predicted apocalypse or two survived. It’s been a whirlwind.


Personally, it was a year that showed me that I could grow. My mindset has changed tremendously. I’m really comfortable in my skin, and I enjoy hanging out with me. I have a peace that I never had before. I retreat to my solitude and relax to soothe my mind of ills. My pen is my best friend. I allow it to tell everything. I’ve learned to let go, and slowly, but surely, it’s being let go.


I’ve had ups and downs, family squabbles, and alienation. I’ve been torn down, disrespected, labeled as lonely and bitter. I’ve been put down and told I would never make it where I want to go. I’ve been told, once again, I’m not good enough.


For every word uttered against me, I say that person is a liar. And I laugh to the attempts to halt my progress in thinking and going towards my success. Those words can no longer control me. They motivate me to continue on my journey towards success.


Here’s to you 2012. Thanks for allowing me to grow.


Hello, 2013. Looking forward to even more success with you…




Happy New Year


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