Dear Love by Angenita Williams

Dear Love


Dear Love,

Hi. It’s me again. I’m writing you because we have some unfinished business.

See, you thought you were cute, moving in my heart, and taking my mind under siege with your visions of what a romantic love is like.

I see how you are used in situations that no one should use you in. I notice how some people perceive you as something simple.

I know you’re not. I found you out. And this letter is to expose you for the hassle you create sometimes. Some of us can’t let go and we blame it on you.  But it’s really not you. It’s what we perceive you to be.

It’s what we are spoon-fed to believe you are. The truth is, those fairy tales you sold to me back in the day made me believe you could really happen that way. It could be the broke ‘hustler’, the up and coming rapper, the indecisive nomad, the married guy that keeps coming at me or the poet with words so beautiful my heart flutters. It could also be the fifty-something guy I see every day in the walkway at my job. Or how about the young man I saw at the store that decided a week’s worth of texts was long enough to enter my physical wellbeing.

You are quite tricky. I will give that to you. But, you see, as one grows older and recognized what you truly are, and where you truly comes from, you  can no longer hide under guises of falsehoods. It’s impossible. I can spot your imposters. See, Love, I’m on your side.

I want to stop those imposters for trampling on your name and giving you false definitions. Your main imposters, Manipulation, Obsession, and Control, have to be stopped.

I’m willing to give you a chance again, but you gotta be strong, and shine through. We must  annihilate your imposters; together. Please reply and let me know if we are on the same page.

If we are, welcome to my world.






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