When I Grow Up by Delina Hill-Brooker

When I grow up

When I was in the sixth grade I wanted to be a doctor for the sole reason for finding a cure for AIDS to save Ryan White. (If you don’t know who he is Google it – Seriously). I quickly scratched out that idea when I learned that I would have to go to college for eight years to do it. When I was in the eighth grade I wanted to be a lawyer because I was good at making a point on either side of the topic and I discovered that I was an excellent negotiator. Again, I would have to go to school for eight years. I always questioned why I have to go to go to school for so long? Not even thinking that I would want a doctor or lawyer to go to school for the necessary time.

I could’ve easily applied myself and became a doctor or a lawyer, but I was so caught up in the years it would take for me to accomplish those things. Before all of the doctor and lawyer thoughts I’ve always been in love with the arts and writing. That would be poems, songs, books, music, singing, dancing etc. You know. The majority of my artistic things are to uplift and motivate others through my writing and singing; not to mention that both of these come naturally to me.

Maybe it’s because of the New Year and I have had a mindset of reflection; I now realize, that I’ve lived through all the years that I avoided doing things that I thought I wanted to do. I don’t regret my decisions, because I feel that the choices that I made were the right ones for me as well.  Looking at where I am now in a roundabout kind of way I am all of the above things that I ever aspired to be, it’s just not in the traditional format. I am just now realizing that I am living in my purpose and doing what God has put me on this Earth to be.

The moral of the story is: We all have God given gifts. God wouldn’t have given us these gifts without a purpose to use them. If you are questioning what to do with your life, the New Year is the best time to do a self-evaluation and rediscover your natural gifts and from there figure out what you can do with your natural talents.


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