Stuck by Delina Hill-Brooker



Have you ever felt like you are stuck, in a rut, a standstill, or your desires simply aren’t coming to you fast enough? That’s a really hard place to be. Living in that space can leave you frustrated, angry, confused, especially if you’ve been putting forth a lot of effort to move beyond the rut. BUT (yes there’s always a but), just maybe there is a reason for your standstill rut. Maybe there is a lesson that you have to learn. Maybe you may not be ready for the next phase.

I know that I am guilty of only seeing the big picture, and not all of the little steps and lessons and whatnot that come before the big picture. I spend so much time praying, focusing and living for the big picture that if I would just take the time out to figure out why I am in the rut, and deal with the root of the rut then I’d probably get out of the rut a lot faster with a lot less frustration.

That’s easier said than done because, if you’re anything like me, you probably don’t realize that you’re in a rut, until you’re in the middle of it. Which leads me to my next point; in my own experience I’ve learned that sometimes I have to change my prayer. The big prayer is still there, but the changed prayer includes: What is it that I am supposed to be doing now? What is the lesson that I am missing now? Then, LISTEN to the answer.

I guess being stuck isn’t all that bad. Couldn’t we always use more life lessons?


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  1. Marquise on

    Very well said! Here’s to you for taking the time to ask for detailed direction & simply listening to the answer. Cheers!

    • Lioness Vizions on

      Thank you & yes! Sometimes all we have to do is ask/listen! 😀

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