Dear Spring, YOU’RE LATE!!! By Delina Hill-Brooker


My husband always says that you can’t expect the warm weather to stay until after Easter…well, I guess he’s right. Just last weekend we were enjoying the 75 degree weather, playing outside in the front yard with short sleeves on. Today I had to pull out my fleece, scar and kick the heat in the car ALL THE WAY UP, and that’s really ridiculous because I’m in Atlanta. I logged onto Facebook to find that all of my Indianapolis friends and family were having a snow day, sledding, and trying not to slide off of the road.

The past few March months have come with crazy and unexpected weather. Two years ago we had an ice storm and we were trapped in the house for three days because we couldn’t even make it out of our driveway. The year before that there was a snow storm with about three feet of snow, of course the whole state of Georgia shut down. There was no water, milk or bread on any of the shelves. However this year was not bad at all. We got a few flurries, and some very cold days, but hey, winter is winter right? But enough already! Spring, hurry up and get sprung. My children and want to go out and play, and my husband is anxious to get out and mow his beloved yard. I would really like to enjoy a few brisk walks in my subdivision and local parks. Easter is Sunday, the weatherman says it’s going to be 64 degrees. That’s not bad, but I want more. And yes, I’m greedy. Can I get 75 degrees please? If we are forced to spring forward, then you should too!

Thank you in advance for the pollen on the vehicles, bugs, children not wanting to come inside to eat or go to bed, but most of all, thank you for the warm, sunny weather. Not too hot, and not to cold. Spring, you are my favorite.

*Side note* There were snow flurries falling this morning, they didn’t stick, but they still fell. O_0


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