L.I.V.E. by Delina Hill-Brooker

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Late last week, I received some shocking news that two of my former coworkers, from the same office passed in the same week. I hadn’t talked to either of them in years, but it still made me very sad to hear of their untimely passing. This got me thinking of how precious our time on earth really is. And how we should use our time here to make a difference and live out our purpose.  We need to always reach out and express our love to those whom we don’t see every day, even if they are not elderly. We need to take our health seriously, while still enjoying the not so healthy treats. 😉 We need to spend quality time with those that are around us. We need to mend, or at least attempt to mend fractured and broken relationships, that should not be fractured. Most importantly we need to live. I’m not saying live as in wake up, go to work, cook dinner, watch TV, fall asleep and repeat the whole cycle the next day. By live I mean, find your purpose and live in it. Make an impact in other people’s lives. Material things are great, but the lasting impact that you make on others can affect them, then others for the rest of their lives. Be the light that you want to see in others.

Don’t take this life for granted.

Live. Laugh. Love.


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  1. Sharla on

    Beautiful. Well said.

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