Full Circle by Delina Hill-Brooker

Today I was thinking about life, and all of my dreams, goals, desires, etc intertwine. I came up with the conclusion that life is like a lot of little circles, inside of one big circle of life. Every joy, pain, life lesson and experience is their own individual circle. Even though all of them are separate, they are all intertwined and connected to the big circle as one big experience.

Sometimes our circles may take a while to complete. For instance if you have a goal that you are trying to achieve, and you keep running into roadblocks which either distracts your focus, or leads you to an important lesson in another circle. The distraction SHOULD only be temporary. If you forget, avoid, teeter on the edge of that circle eventually, fate/God will bring you back to complete it.

One thing I am learning is that sometimes it’s all about timing. Sometimes everything has not lined up for you to complete the circle. Maybe there is something that someone else has to do, in order for things to fall in line to complete it.

I know that I’m talking in circles, and that’s on purpose.- Hopefully I didn’t make you dizzy. 😀

There are three morals to the story:

1. You can’t avoid your circles.

2. Finish your circles.

3. Everything will come full circle.




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