Reflections & Realizations by Angenita Williams

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I sat down, and took stock of my life as I tend to do when I’m alone. I thought about all my low points, my high points and everywhere in between. I realized that no matter what, I’m still standing.

I never thought I could feel this strongly about what I want to do with my life. I feel so free to follow my dreams, set goals to achieve them, and make it. The power of positive thinking!

I remembered to a time when I was angry all the time; angered at me for my decisions. Angered at me because my life was not where I wanted to be. I was not where I wanted to be due to trying to fit a mold that others built for me. I was miserable and mundane. My days on constant repeat. Fear gripping me at the thought of trying anything new. Branching out to see just what I can accomplish. Everything an excuse as to why I kept clocking in on a job I could lose at any moment. Being afraid to just be me: the goofy, sassy, and at times, a scatterbrain who laughs at her own jokes, and always think about the possibilities of everything. A person who doesn’t toot her own horn as much as she could. A lady who likes the simple things: a good thunderstorm, a nice cup of coffee, Pepsi. A woman who is not afraid of love anymore now that she knows what it isn’t.

Oh the freedom of maturity! The freedom of self-realization!

I make no excuses about me. If something didn’t get done right, I take that responsibility. If I made a mistake, ok, I made it. What can I do to change or correct it?

I’m in reflection mode because I’m embarking on another chapter of my life. I’m doing something I feel passionately about. I feel awesome about it. Although I typically am not a morning person, I still wake up with thoughts of what I can do that day to push forward.

I’m in a pretty good place now. I smile more than I ever have. I have faith in myself. I am proud to say I am me.

I must say, I’m a pretty good person. I truly love the woman I have become, and the woman I will grow to be. I wasted so much time not loving me, not being happy about being me. Allowing other opinions about me to rule my life. But, I forgive myself for that. And since I did, I have been moving forward ever since.

My life has passion and purpose. I am in awe. I am blessed. And I am ready.


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