After the Storm by Delina Hill-Brooker

The news is good for giving us fair warning and hyping up the conditions of possible weather and storms. With today’s technology we get instant alerts via text, apps, and various media outlets. Even if we initially brush off the warning, when the storm comes we take shelter and wait it out.  And sometimes even with those warnings we are still in shock and awe of the damage, destruction and force of the storm. After we are sure that the storm has passed we go out, check our surroundings and access the situation. Even if our property was spared, there was damage. Even though our anxiety has been lowered, we move into another phase. There is still work to be done. Fallen trees, down power lines, dirt and debris. The clean up after the storm requires hard work and continuous effort in order for our lives to be put back in order. BUT we survived.
This is a lot like life. We can see the trouble brewing, sometimes we brush it off and think that it’s nothing – or at least we hope that it’s not as bad as it seems. We are anxious and scared while going through it – even with fair warning, but we survived the storm. Sometimes there’s damage that needs to be repaired, other times we have to dust ourselves off, brush away the old debris of life so we can have a fresh start.
It’s important to remember that we HAVE to repair the damage in this order to move completely out of the stormy phase. We SHOULDN’T walk around with the old debris on us – that only shows that we haven’t completed dealing with the storm. And even thought the clean up is hard, tedious and sometimes painful, it is absolutely necessary. You wouldn’t move into a house with no walls right? So why walk around wearing the debris of unfinished business for the world to see? Just remember, the hard part is over – you survived the storm.
This blog was inspired after yesterdays bad storm, here are some of the pix.

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  1. Helen on

    Very inspirational.

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