No New Friends? By Angenita Williams


circle of friends

So, DJ Khaled, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross have a song called ‘No New Friends.’ In that song, they talk about being ‘down from day one’ and how no one new is allowed to enter their circle, and they are loyal to the ones they have known from day one.

I will agree that loyalty is very important for those who have been loyal to you. However, to block the idea of having new friends is a bit…I don’t know…selfish…

Hear me out…

Ok, what if your loyal friends have never been outside of your neighborhood, never experienced anything outside your city, never knew anything new. Never stepped outside of the box. Never saw anything beyond what they see daily. Never…dreamed.  Never…lived. How does that affect you?

I have a family member who is scared to travel outside their city. Scared. They will never be out of the box. They will continue to live where they are, how they are. Their world consists of the boundaries of where they grew up, and they can’t understand why anyone would want to do more.

My question is; why wouldn’t you want to do more?

Meeting new people is inevitable. And the word ‘friend’ is usually tossed around without meaning. However, the ability to make and maintain relationships with all types of people is the key to success. Everybody that is successful meets a new friend or two. If I had that mentality of ‘no new friends,’ I never would have met, accepted, or had the chance to work with the bestest business partner in the whole world. Nor, would I have had the chance to work with the bestest professor in the whole world. A networking guru, the film producer, the extremely sweet director/writer, the really nice and knowledgeable event planner and business owner, or the various artists, actors, actresses, poets, or writers that I’ve met on my journey.

So, welcome to all my friends, new and old. I thank the man above for allowing you to grace my presence. And since I know that everyone comes into your life for a reason, season, or lifetime, whatever God’s plans for our purposes in each others lives will be great, and we will all get something out of this experience. Who knows, being a lifelong friend is not too uncommon…

Love ya!


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