Do You Really Want What You Ask For? by Delina Hill-Brooker

“You have not because you ask not.” James 4:2.

Prayer can sometimes be a funny thing. Sometimes you can be vague in your request. ~ Vague prayers, get vague answers. Last week my husband and I joined forces and specifically asked for something that we both agreed on (we had been wanted something to happen, but never prayed on it – together). Literally, at 8am the next morning we received a response, two days later, we got EXACTLY what we asked for. I was shocked, a little, but not really. (Because I have that kind of faith). 😉 But it really made me think, that I really need to be careful with WHAT I pray for. I could ask for something without thinking it through and it COULD show up instantly. So now I am consciously thinking before I pray and making a better effort to be very specific in what I ask for.

In retrospect, my daughter and I were in Wal-Mart yesterday and  she asked if she could buy something. I asked her what her what was she wanting to buy, she pointed to almost everything and nothing in particular. Hmmmm I told her, “If I bought you EVERYTHING that you ever asked for, you wouldn’t appreciate what you have, and you’d have too much stuff.”

“But I just want something!”

My point? Don’t ask for it, until you know exactly what you want, and appreciate what you have.

Do you really want what you ask for?


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