It Starts With a LifeClass by Angenita Williams

Lifeclass2I started my day out with a sleepless night. This was an opportunity that I could not pass up. Let me backtrack a little…

I was perusing FaceBook one night, and since I follow Oprah and Iyanla, I get their updates. They had a call for daddyless daughters. I thought, “What the hell? Let’s see what happens.” I went to the website and told my story. I forgot about it until I got the email inviting me to be in the audience.

I was excited. I wasn’t a featured speaker, but I was gonna figure out a way to be heard. I wanted someone to go with me, but I really couldn’t think of anyone to go. I set out on the journey by myself.

I replied to the email. I decided I would make it a day trip. I have family in the area, so I knew that I could stop by and say hello.

I woke up and got ready for work. I went to work. My plan was to leave around noon. I was too anxious and excited to focus on work. I decided to leave earlier. I didn’t know if there was construction and I refused to be late. I hit the road.

Lyfe Jennings, Jill Scott, Maxwell, Chrisette Michele, and Heather Hadley kept me company as I rolled my way towards Chicago. My stomach was nervous.

One thing you all have to understand…and this is really within the last few years, but I admire Oprah. It is the strength that she shows, and how the world knows, reveres, and respects her. How she took so many no’s and made them yes’s. How she bumped her head, fell down, got up, and became who she is. The warmth that comes through. Her success and her journey inspire me. She overcame teen pregnancy, drug use, low self-esteem, being overweight, told she was nothing, to become a powerhouse in the media. To own her own network. To promote positivity on television. So, for me, this was big.

I went through some of the same things she did. There is no reason why I can’t be where she is…or at least close. I mean I started a little late, but I can get there…

I totally spaced the time difference, so I made it to Illinois around ten-thirty in the morning. I talked with my aunt for a while. She was happy to see me. I was happy to see her. I learned a lot about her that I never knew.  My aunt is a true Diva! Another thing I realized about my auntie is that she does her own thing. Has always done her own thing, always been an entrepreneur. I think I may follow in her footsteps. I see the drive I have, in her. She is an inspiration, too.

I left around four o’clock. I didn’t know anything about Chicago traffic. I had it in my mind that I could not be late.

I arrive around four forty-five. I parked and sat in the car. I powdered my nose. Checked the earrings. Put on the white shirt. Put on the pumps. Checked out my lips. Debated on taking my purse. Decided to take it. Popped the trunk. Grabbed a book. Checked to make sure I had enough business cards. Walked towards the studio.

I stopped to take a picture of the sign. Two ladies walked up just as I did.

“Hey, would you like a picture? I’ll take it for you,” one lady said.

“Thank you!” I replied gave her my phone, and posed to take the picture.

I took their pictures in return.

“So, where are you from?” I asked.

“We are from Wisconsin. We would have been here earlier, but that traffic!” she said.

“Girl, I know. I left Dolton about an hour ago and just now getting here.”

“You from Chicago?”

“No, I’m from Indiana.”

It was hot! We walked and stood in line. We were let inside, my purse was checked in, and we were sent to a holding area and given water. I was so nervous. I listened to the conversations around me; trying to get a feel for the crowd. We were finally called to the studio and seated. Oprah walked out. It was time.

The show began, and I made it a point to have good eye contact with Oprah and Iyanla. I jumped to answer the first question I said something to the likes of, “I was promiscuous, I did things I had to do to get boys to like me. That turned into pregnant at fourteen, baby at fifteen, and it just so happens, I had a son. It was not until I started writing that I realized the cycle…”

Oprah nodded. “It is a cycle.”

The show was moving. I was brought to tears. I knew that being a Daddyless Daughter affected me. I wrote about it in the book. I thought I was further along in my healing, but I realized that it was ok to be hurt sometimes. I’m still in the healing process.  I realize that. I also realized that it feels so much better on the healing side, and that I’m doing the work it takes to become the woman I always wanted to be.

A lady waited for me when I came out of the bathroom. She said, “Thank you so much for telling your story. That was my life. I don’t think I could have said that on TV, but it was me. Thank you so much.”

She gave me the biggest hug, and she held on to me. When we separated, I grabbed her hands and told her what I did.  I told her I was glad it helped her. I gave her a card, and told her she could call me if she needed to talk.

I spoke with the ladies around me. I got business cards from women doing things in their respective fields.

It hit the highway back home filled with a renewed sense of purpose.

I did not get to speak to Oprah personally…but one day…and soon…I will.

I have a Next Chapter. I want to be in the Master Class. It starts with a LifeClass.


2 comments so far

  1. Alycia Moorman on

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I’d like to hear more about the master class…I don’t have cable, its not an option right now. I’ve heard that a couple of her books for really really good–especially the most recent one. I can’t remember the name right now. But again thank you for sharing. I think its amazing when we have moments like this where we touch others lives and are able to stay connected. It’s amazing how God places you in a place to touch others and I’m sure your story touched more than just the ladies there in the studio but plenty of women around the world. Thank you for your bravery!

  2. Lioness Vizions on

    Thank you Alycia.

    I appreciate the comment. And this journey is long and rough, but necessary, and it has to be shared because I realized that I wasn’t the only one who went through it. I wish someone reached out to me…

    Iyanla’s book is called Peace from Broken Pieces. Oprah is AMAZING. Stay tuned…there will be more to come.

    Thank you for your support…


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