In the Midst of the Storm by Delina Hill-Brooker

Sometimes storms can seem small and insufficient, while other storms can be big and full of destruction. Before the storm you may have planted seeds for food in your garden that you can eat to live off of, or maybe even some flowers or greenery to simply enjoy the sight and smell of them. While the storm is raging, you are busy checking the news to see where the storm is headed, how long it’s going to be, and how much destruction that it’s doing along its path. You’re also checking on your friends and family; to not only warn them about the storm, but to also make sure that they are ok. You may peek out of the window to see if any trees have fallen or if hail damage has damaged any of your property. If you’re like me you’re probably taking pictures and uploading them to Facebook and Twitter.

Once the storm is over (because they always come to an end) and you realize that you and your family have survived, you double check your house – your foundation and set out to repair anything that needs to be repaired. And now that the sun is shining brightly and there are no clouds in the sky, your cucumbers, strawberries, cabbage, carrots and other things that you planted in your garden start to go. Your flowers, trees, shrubs and greenery break through. Do you realize what just happened? You NEEDED the storm, to get the seeds that you planted to grow. No matter how big the storm was, and what it tore up, you can rebuild. If you have to rebuild, you know to make your foundation stronger. With a stronger foundation it takes a bigger storm to destroy it!

Be mindful of the seeds you plant! I mentioned seeds to live off of and enjoy, but you can also plant seeds of chaos and confusion, even if you planted them for someone else, they will grow in YOUR garden. So always remember, that even in the midst of the storm, the seeds that you have planted, are being protected underground and watered to bloom, after the storm. Be thankful for the storms, they make you stronger, wiser and make your seeds grow.

flower bud


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