No Unity by Angenita Williams

I just have one question – Why are Black women scapegoats in the deterioration of our community?

I ask this question for a few reasons. One, I have seen at least three videos of Black men who say that Black women are the reason behind the fall of our community. One agreed with Bill O’Reilly when he said that is Black young ladies getting pregnant at a young age, not holding kids to being responsible, thwarting the notion of education, and raising violent kids as the reasons for the rise in Black on Black crime. Oh?

So, we just absolve the men of their responsibility in this as if pregnancy occurs without the input of a man. As if being a single parent is a dream. As if other young ladies of other races don’t get pregnant early.

The reason our community has fallen to the wayside is because there is no unity in the community, and no family unit. To thwart the notion that our history has nothing to do with it is straight tomfoolery.

Historically, the poor man, Black or White, was kept out of the home so that the mother could receive assistance. A lot of that had to do with the fact that the men of the home could not find employment to take care of his family. If he lived in the home, he stopped his children from eating. That helped create the cycle of fatherlessness as well. I mean, why would not ensure the entire family can eat? Why not promote the family unit? I don’t care what Bill O’Reilly says, our society now is a direct consequence of certain laws and stigmas created way back then. (Not to mention, Congress wants to eliminate abortion rights, and birth control. Not only that, they want to do away with programs to help the poor class. So, they want to tell me I can’t decided on when and where to have a kid, but they don’t want to assist with the raising of it…that’s another blog.)

Being a single parent is not a dream situation especially if you are young. People make mistakes, and younger people tend the have the thoughts of being invincible – the perpetual “It will never happen to me” thought process. What’s sad is that many go through these stages without the proper information about life. As parents, it is up to ALL of us to school our kids on the realness of life as a whole. And sex education is a part of that. The sex talk needs to be done in the home and at school, and not just the physical aspects. Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy is only ONE aspect of the danger of having sex too early. Like the emotional ties, the self worth consequences, the disappointments, diseases, and labels. We tell our sons to sow their oats, and tell our daughters to keep it tight. That is a mixed message if I’ve ever heard one. It’s ok for a man to have hundreds of women, but a woman is a whore. #DoubleStandard

Our kids see so much ratchetness and think that’s how life is supposed to be. Our entertainment influences (which is one thing I had to agree with) need to have a little more responsibility. I know it’s about money. I know the stars want to ‘get it.’ Being rich is virtually the American Dream. But to whom much is given, much is required. For Bible thumpers –It’s in the Bible. Luke 12:48.

The funny thing is, shows like All in the Family pushed the envelope, and it was not censored. It showed bigotry and sexism on a new level that could not be done today. But that has been replaced with shows like Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop. Notice the focus. Basketball and Hip-Hop – two areas that little Black kids aspire to be in. Is that a coincidence? Big booties and the illusion of having money. We, as a people, have turned into materialistic, amoral, and worst of all, selfish.

But it’s not just on the women. Men, you share your part in this whole cycle. We have created children out of lust, not love. And men and women BOTH have a part in that. The point where a man decides that having responsibility is too much or taking away from him is the point at which his children lose. What’s really messed up is that his father probably did it to him. Fatherlessness is a real epidemic, and these children are hurt, angry, and they feel worthless. So what do they do? Get aggressive. Resort to guns and the glorified lifestyle of drugs, cars (whips), jewelry (chains), and sex.

Let’s not forget – the Black woman had to put the master’s children before her own. She carried the weight of raising kids that were not hers, as she watched hers be taken from her and sold off. Remember, the Black woman had to carry the weight of the world, and still does, because she is not only a woman, but she is also Black. And to hear our Black men tear us down, and blame us for the breakdown of the community, well, it breaks my heart. I mean, we are supposed to have each other’s back, right? So I ask them – what are YOU doing to benefit YOUR community?


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