Time, Peace, and Serenity – Interrupted by Angenita Williams

Life is funny.

One minute everything is A-OK. The next minute, everything is crumbling down. Every emotion that you could possibly feel is being felt, and you try to control them. But they bubble to the surface, and become overwhelming.

Even those who are totally healed from past demons get those days where everything seems to weigh on them at once.  Emotions can be on a roller coaster, and they feel the world closing in on their sanity. And it couldn’t come at the worse time – when one thing happens and snowballs. Questions start being asked. Things tend to feel as if they are just not right. Doubt can set it. The world can turn upside down, wrongside up. What do you do?

That is a good question.

When the world seems to just be too much, your emotions cannot afford to spiral. You cannot ignore them. You cannot just keep telling yourself you are ok, and that nothing is bothering you. You have to deal with the emotions and stop lying to yourself. Face it – you are just having a moment or two. And it’s ok, because you are human.

Praying, walking, meditating are some good ways to get back to your peace. Writing, and being real with yourself, and understanding who you are as person will get you back to serenity. It may take some time, but it’s well worth it.

I know firsthand. Last week was rough.

I look forward to getting it right this week. I had to learn that just because I had a really tough week doesn’t mean I’m not healed, it just means I had a rough week. And that happens sometimes. It was pointed out to me that the old me would have gone to old vices to deal with ‘out of control’ emotions. But I didn’t. So that speaks volumes to where I am in my healing process.

It is a journey that never ends. But it’s so good to know that I can deal rather than bury. Growth is an awesome thing.

Have a great week.



2 comments so far

  1. Brookie Nickleson on

    Thank u Angenita. This post really shed some light on what I’ve been going through. I just hope I can overcome them before its too late.

  2. Lioness Vizions on

    Brookie, I pray that any insight you may have in your healing journey helps you along that way. You are a sweet, lovable woman. You have untapped strength. Whatever you may go through, never lose sight of you and never lose sight of faith.



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