Clouds and Rainbows by Angenita Williams


I had the pleasure of going to hear Dr. Maya Angelou speak a few weeks ago. It only solidified my desire to want to sit down and simply talk to her. Her wisdom is enlightening; her humor is addicting.

This is the type of woman who commands you to listen. She is an inspiration for me. The author is bold, brash, and makes no apologies for her being her. Even at eighty-five, her energy and viability is astounding. I felt her strength from my balcony seat.

She began her lecture with the phrase, ‘Be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud.’ She ended with the same sentiment. It got me to thinking about my rainbows. And about the rainbow that I have been. While I’m not sure who I was a rainbow for, I know that my rainbows have come in both genders, all races, all ages, and different belief systems. Many were unexpected rainbows that came through on my cloudy days.

I thought more about the clouds and rainbows in my life. I’ve had some clouds that were so dark, they could only produce massive storms with a few tornadoes thrown in for good measure. And not every one of those produced a rainbow. It was a challenge just for the sun to break through them. When the sun broke through and produced a rainbow, it was the most beautiful type of rainbow – one that stretched across the sky and had no beginning or an end. Those rainbows gave me a level of happiness that I never experienced before.

But, the thing about rainbows is that they fade away. Once their beautiful presence dissipates, only a faint memory of their beauty lingers…until the next cloud comes….


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