Friendship and Forgiveness by Angenita Williams



I went to see The Best Man Holiday this weekend. As usual, when I go see a movie, I pay attention to everything in the movie: the camera angles, the editing, the dissolves and the sharp cuts, the lighting, and of course the plot, characters, and direction of the film.

But what did it for me was the message….life is too short to live with regret, anger, and everything negative.

I have to take you back to the very first Best Man movie…

The plot was centered around a book that Harper wrote about his college years. He put things in the story about him and his friends, only he disguised the characters. What makes matters worse is that Jordan, a producer and friend, gets the book pre-release. A very critical confession is in the book, and Jordan automatically knows what happened.

Lance and Harper are best friends. Mia is Lance’s fiancé. Lance and Mia were supposed to be married by the time the book was released. Lance read it prior to the wedding. He threatens to not marry Mia, but Harper prays with him and advises him that marrying Mia is the best thing that he could do. Happy ending, right?

Not really.

Fast forward fifteen years. The anger that Lance felt was still there; he held on to it. And the friendship all but fizzled completely out. And now, we have a must-see sequel. Although, I can’t give the movie away, Harper was there for Lance in a time of need, even after the decade and a half worth of mostly silence.

Friendship is a blessing and one that lasts throughout the decades is a rarity now days. Is it really worth some petty disagreement to end a true friendship? While it’s true that people change over the years, have children, get involved in careers, should we be too busy to be with our friends? Even though life gets in the way, a text message or a quick phone call just to check in shows you care.

Cherish the time you spend with your friends. Love them. Call them as much as possible just to say hi.  You just never know when they won’t be there to respond.


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  1. Brookie Nickleson on

    Friendships are sacred; we should cherish the
    ones we have and never let petty things get in the way.

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