Circle of Friends by Delina Hill-Brooker

circle of friends


I have several sets of friends that are dear to me. Most of the people that I know in Atlanta I met through the two jobs that I’ve had since I’ve been here. The last job that I had several of us left the company for various reasons throughout the years, but we’ve always kept in contact. We meet every once in a while and have a lunch or dinner date and catch up, and recap all of the things that haven’t been discussed via email or social media.

For some odd reason we never met up last year, I hadn’t realized it until we were all together. Even this time, we kept saying for months that we were going to meet up, but never did. We kept putting it off, like we had all of the time in the world. Fortunately, we finally got our act together and came together as planned. The reunion was refreshing to say the least. Little did I know, so many major life changing things had happened over the year for all of us. Even though we were the same people, we were not the same people. The beautiful thing about it was, we were able to offer words of encouragement, alternatives to view points, but most importantly it was a place to REALLY be heard and understood. (No one understands a woman, better than another woman). There’s always more room out than in. Just being able to get things off of your chest brings you to a higher point.

I always enjoy my time with my circle of friends, and maybe I enjoyed them more this time around because the hubby and I, had just finished watching The Best Man Holiday, ( a REALLY great movie) which made me reflect on my circle of friends, and even my broken circles of friends.

On my way home I reflected on the things that I had learned about my friends along with the message from the movie and I came to the realization that even though everyone is not meant to be in your life forever, I don’t want any bad blood or ill feelings between any of my current or former circles. If there was a REAL need, I would be there, and would hope that the same would be extended to me if I had a need. Life is too short and precious to hold on to grudges, issues and unnecessary complications. Even if there is discord among your circle SOMEONE should be the brave one and break the silence. I say brave, because that’s exactly what it is – especially when there’s been a breakdown.

If you want to take a deeper insight into my view of it all, what if God didn’t speak to us, or ignored us when we were in need, or were sorry, but didn’t know how to apologize to Him?

Forgive in the same manner that you want to be forgiven. Remember that everyone is human, and we all make mistakes. Cherish and embrace your circle of friends. Life is too precious and too short.


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