Well, It Appears…by Angenita Williams



There is a danger in believing at what things appear…lemme tell you my story…
See, I thought my home was fairly clean. With the clothing and paper that crowds my bedroom/office, I had some disarray. I wash clothes at least once a week. I shower daily, sometimes up to three times (usually during the summer). And while I am far from a neat freak, I am not a trifling person. I can’t stand nasty smells, and clutter eventually gets on my nerves.

And then my life was interrupted by a little bug…four that is.

I got out of my shower as I do on a daily basis and noticed these four bugs crawling on my wall. I was freaked out because I just don’t do bugs. I took photos to show the management office, and I killed them all. I called the office in a freaked out state.

New neighbors just moved it, and I was sure that those little bugs came from them.

However, the exterminator came in and surveyed my home and stated that they were, in fact, bed bugs, and had been there at least sixty days according to exoskeletons and what not. I immediately freaked out and got nauseous. How could I not have known? I try to keep my home up, how could this be? I am not nasty so where on earth did they come from? I was in tears.

The exterminator explained to me that first; I should not be concerned that I was not clean enough. The bugs don’t discriminate between filth and immaculate. (I still didn’t feel better.) He explained that there is not one place to pinpoint how they arrived. The little lazy schmoozers travel on people. He named several places where they could have come from…movie theaters (I’ve been several times in the last few months), cabs, libraries (been once or twice), hospitals (a few doctor appointments), hotels, clubs, my job (everyday), my daughter’s school (everyday), anyone that visited my home that may have visited one of those places, and even places like the grocery store (at least once weekly) or a restaurant (a few in the last few months). He also said that many people who do have them, don’t know it because they haven’t felt a bite or don’t notice the bites. Which was my case.
With news like that, I wanted to become a hermit.
It doesn’t help that Indianapolis has an epidemic of bed bugs, and have for some time. It was just on the local news that my high school alma mater had a few sightings of them. What’s really nuts, is that because no one really knows they have them, they are virtually impossible to stop. As careful as I was to make sure things were cleaned, I still became a victim. And I could have become a victim just by sitting in a dark movie theater and enjoying two hours of viewing pleasure.

I learned that someone else in my building had them a few months ago. I was horrified that I wasn’t notified by my office that these little intruders were in my building. I could have taken steps to ensure I was protected. But I was clueless. And on top of that, I have to pay to get rid of the little blood suckers to the tune of $750.00. My renter’s insurance won’t cover it (although I thought it was supposed to cover disasters beyond my control). I think it should be the apartment complex’s budget that takes a ding instead of mine. Especially since the little vampires were in the building already. (Guess who’s moving?)

I am thoroughly embarrassed. And although they say it’s not a result of cleanliness, I feel dirty and violated.

I thought I had it all together. It’s amazing how one little bug disturbed my reality, and made me feel violated. It took away my very idea of what clean is. And the scary part…everyone who visited me was in a least one of those places where bed bugs travel from. The fact that I can’t pinpoint where they come from has me leery of visiting or having visitors. The little vermin have destroyed my sense of home.

The exterminator begged me not to get rid of mine and my daughter’s bed before treatment due to the fear of spreading the little home wreckers throughout the rest of the building. It’s crazy that the exterminator said I didn’t have to get rid of my bed after the treatment (which is still a week away, which should say something about the bed bug problem in Indianapolis). I looked at him and said, “How the hell could I keep it knowing what’s in it? I’m ditching everything. Stat.”

He looked at me and the apartment manager said, “Well, if you do get rid of it, render it completely useless so that no one else will get it and put it in their home.”

Now, you want me to keep it in MY home, but if I threw it out, I need to render it useless? How the hell is that even expected?

Thank God the lease is up in March.


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