The Snow Apocalypse by Angenita Williams

Oil Lamp on the Wooden Window and Falling Snow  - stock photo

This week marks a very important weather week across the nation…well, I can only really speak of Indianapolis…

There was a snowstorm forecasted to bring on eight or more inches of snow within a twelve hour period. Windchills were said to be in the -40’s.  And the people went absolutely nuts.

The store shelves were empty – no bread; meat; snacks; or even DVDs. No milk. Nothing. All stripped down to the shelving itself to prepare for this storm that was coming.

Now, I really got to thinking about this…the media hyped this to be a really bad storm, and as I sit here today and type this, it’s proven to be pretty bad. But I wonder…would to stores be this bare if everyone were already prepared for what was to come? How does this work for the everyday?

While I understand the reasoning behind going to get things needed for a few days, or even the weekly shopping. But did it really take for someone to TELL you that you needed to be ready? Lemme explain.

If you are just floating by on life, taking care of things when it becomes an emergency, how are you really living? From one emergency to the next. Why can’t you be already prepared? For instance, we think about taking our cars to the shop when something goes wrong…but if we do preventative maintenance on them, it can prevent the actual breakdown. Some of us, and I am guilty, don’t save for emergencies, so when one happens, panic ensues and we have to figure out a way to put out that fire. But, if we were prepared for that fire, it would be extinguished way before it gets to panic mode.

I understand that some things simply cannot be prevented, and we have absolutely no control over those surprises. But being ready for them helps ease the stress. And having faith that everything will be ok will ease the worry so many of us go to sleep with…

Stay warm Naptown! It’s a doozy out there!!!


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