The Side Chick Phenomenon by Angenita Williams

side chick


We be in the same room, N’ we don’t never say ish, Let’s keep it between me and you, N’ we cool, ’cause they don’t know…You deserve the rewards, G5 planes, you deserve the board, Tell them other lames, They can swerve of course…you ain’t even tell ya sister, Mama thinking you don’t even like niccas, Instagram, you don’t even like pictures, That’s why I’m f****** withcha…You follow the rules but keep it cool, ‘Cause they don’t know ~ Rico Love, They Don’t Know

There is a phenomenon that is striking lives across the world. Although this particular phenomenon is not new, been told through centuries, it has reeked havoc in households everywhere. And now, this phenomenon is gloried.

The Side Chick Phenomenon.

Now, I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I heard a song on the radio that sparked my need to write this. The song is called “They Don’t Know” by someone named Rico Love. When the song starts out, I thought it was talking about someone he had a crush on…but I was proven to be naive in my thinking.

And although I love Scandal, Olivia Pope is a side chick. Mary Jane is a side chick that got proposed to in Being Mary Jane. Candace Young is a quiet and vindictive side chick. Then you also have Jada Pinkett, and Gabrielle Union being the side chick. Jada married her cheating beau and Gabrielle is engaged to hers. Angelina Jolie never married hers, but had kids and built a family.

What is the deal?

The side chick is on a whole new level now.

What is it about being a side chick that is so alluring? Men often praise the side chick for keeping her mouth closed and ‘playing her part.’ But when the chips fall, the side chick is just there to scratch his itch or to satisfy his male ego. But, she gets trips, cars, fashion, and purses. She has the perks of relationships without the total commitment. But how is that fair to her or the main chick? In reality, the side chick gets forgotten birthdays and holidays spent alone. When she is having a hard day and needs a shoulder, she doesn’t have one…

I often wonder why it’s always OK for a man to have a side chick, but a woman is everything but a child of God if she has a side piece. That’s another blog…


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