Children Woes by Delina Hill-Brooker

children woes


When I was little my main fears were getting in trouble for having bad grades, getting caught cheating on a test, or not winning a fight.
After several conversations with my eight year old son last week I’ve learned that today’s children have far different and hurtful fears. Fears of getting shot up in school or a bad guy coming and taking them away.

I very rarely watch the news – because it is so depressing, but when I do I usually don’t watch it in front of the children; especially when there is something bad that has happened to children. Like Sandy Hook, or the shooting that took place inside the movie theater.

When he expressed his concerns to me it took everything in me not to cry. Then I wanted to tell him that; that was not something that he needed to worry about because it wouldn’t happen. But if I did, I’d be lying. Unfortunately that IS something that could happen. It’s becoming more and more common every day. And even though his school has taken measures to protect the children with a buzz in system, cameras etc…there are no guarantees. And even though we attempted to shield him from stories like this, other children are aware and informed him of these things.

He asked, “Why would people want to hurt kids or anybody who didn’t do anything? Why did God let the bad people be born?” I wish I had those answers. I wish it were that simple.

I used to joke and tell my children how good they have it because we only had one TV, had to stand at the bus stop in the cold with snow up to our knees, we didn’t have as many video games and had to play outside no matter what…now that I think about it, my generation actually had it better. With the exception of a few arsonists in our high school, school was the safest place for us to be.

I can’t imagine being scared and trying to learn in school. My God, what has this world become? How can we do better? Have we reached the point of no return?

I always tell my children that I love them before they leave for school, but now I take an extra minute to squeeze in an extra hug, kiss on top of their forehead, glance over them, and say an extra prayer for them.


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