Who Will Cry for the Little Black Boy? by Angenita Williams


…Who will cry for the little boy?
           Who knows well hurt and pain
                   Who will cry for the little boy?
                               He died again and again…
                                                     ~Antwone Fisher

First Trayvon. Now Jordan. Yet another pass was given to shoot our young black men on sight. First with the acquittal of Zimmerman. Now with the mistrial of Dunn. I just don’t understand…A young man…sitting in a car…hanging with his friends..is gunned down over loud music. His killer…not sentenced for murder, but attempted murder….three counts for every life that was spared that night…

While he will spend some time in jail, I guess there is some solace that he will never see the light of day again. He will be retried on the murder…still claiming he was standing his ground against the smart mouth of a teenager…who was sitting in a car…listening to music. Evidence shows that Jordan Davis was in no way moving to get out of the car…yet his killer says he was standing his ground.

I’m not quite sure I get it. Mouthing off is one thing. Pointing a gun and firing is another. Did you really need ten bullets to shut up a mouthy teenager? I guess so.

The bigger issue is that there is an attack mounted on our young black men. I truly believe that the education system is a pipeline to prison. There are some that can avoid it, but for many in low income, urban blight areas, there is hopelessness afoot. When day in and day out, all you are around is dilapidated conditions, and you are consistently told through the media, and through cases such as these, that your life isn’t worth a thing, you start to believe, behave, and become exactly what you are conditioned to believe about yourself. This is sending a strong message to our boys that they are not worth anything to anyone…and they never will. And their only aspirations are to be on someone’s music label, or someone’s court, or someone’s field. Signing contracts they can barely read and comprehend. Our young men have been thwarted in the abyss of foolishness as a way to live. Like it is ok for them to ride around and get it with the nina. They think, “It’s ok to take a boy’s life that looks like me because WE aren’t worth anything. Society tells us so. Even Momma and Daddy say that when Daddy never comes back, and Mommy has a new boyfriend.”

It’s a shame that living past twenty-five is a foreign concept to them. But given what’s out here, what can we expect. If we, as a community, cannot stand up to protect our sons, then we allow society to raise them into hollow shells of what they have the potential to be. It’s bad when someone outside our race does it, but it’s even worse because we also do it to ourselves. We have got to stop this trail of thinking….educate ourselves and our neighbors that it’s not ok to kill a man that looks like you. Why not try loving yourself so that you can love him, too? Good, strong, Black men, please rise. Don’t run from the issue, stand up and lead our boys. They are dying off, and leaving a generation of young Black girls to raise children on their own.

Cases like these strike fear in parents such as myself. I have a grown son. I have grandsons who will one day be teens. And as I stated in a previous blog, I cry for them. I am scared for them. Because it matters not their background, or how articulate they are. It matters not if they are wealthy or poor. All that matters is that they cannot go to the store, or speak back at vigilante who only has one thing on their mind…that they are the enemy. And the only thing that makes our little black boys the enemy is simply…the color of their skin.


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