In Due Time by Delina Hill-Brooker

In Due Time


Sometimes we ask God for things not only because it’s what we want, but it’s because it’s what we need. Sometimes those things aren’t always answered right away. Sometimes it feels like He has forgotten your request. Sometimes He answers in a way that you weren’t expecting, and sometimes He answers with an overflow of your request. No matter the what, or the how He blesses you, He’s always on time. If you didn’t get it when you expected it, it’s because it wasn’t time yet. He is the creator of all, and has been doing this job for a pretty long time now, I’m sure He’s got it under control. Keep that in mind when you pray. More importantly, make sure you are in alignment for your request. You can’t ask Him to bless you with a new car, when you don’t have a valid driver’s license! You can’t ask Him to increase your finances, if you can’t handle the little finances that you already have.

Everything you need will come to you in due time – Just be ready for it when it gets there.


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